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IDS focuses on avionics support solutions aimed at enhancing aircraft crew safety and mission performance. IDS's offers span consultancy services for the design of Flight Control and Avionics systems, optimization of onboard software performance and the provision of a RTCA/DO-178B level B certifiable digital moving map software.

Over the years, IDS has acquired extensive know-how on fly-by-wire flight control systems by working closely with civil and defense aeronautical industries. IDS’s competitive advantage comes from expertise in the design, development, testing and validation of flight control and navigation systems. The partnership with Selex Galileo has enabled IDS to build its know-how and capabilities in the design of onboard software aimed at improving cockpit visibility so that it resembles the operational benefits of clear daytime flight conditions.

Leading from this experience IDS has developed Horus, a product which integrates tactical moving map software with cutting-edge EO/IR turrets in a state-of-the-art hardware.

Finally, IDS provides a Certifiable Digital Moving Map software for feature-rich situational monitoring in ordinary as well as in demanding flight conditions through the display of critical data for any type of mission.