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EMI/EMC Prediction & Measurement

Modern aircraft rely heavily on complex electronics for many different systems including navigation, communications, weather radar and collision avoidance. Military aircraft have further electronic systems including more advanced radar systems, weapons systems and electronic warfare systems. These systems all need to be able to operate efficiently and effectively without unwanted interference from each other or the environment in ways that can cause equipment failure or damage.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) can be measured and assessed during the prototype stage of development and different electronic systems can be tested and repositioned until the optimal configuration is found. However, the scope for change is limited once a project reaches the prototype stage and more freedom is attained, as well as a lot of time and money saved, if this analysis is performed during the earlier design phases.

IDS has been providing electromagnetic consultancy services to major aircraft manufacturers since 1985. The experience gained from these activities enables the Aeronautical Division to cover a full range of prediction and measurement services with the ability to assess, manage and control the electromagnetic characteristics of an aircraft throughout its lifecycle: from the initial design stage through to retirement. Our services include: antenna performance optimization, EMI and link budget assessment for both simple and complex systems, Rotor Blade Modulation (RBM) effects evaluation, indirect effects of lightning and High Intensity Radiated Fields (HIRF) risk assessment and mitigation, antenna pattern measurement, radome and harness qualification, characterization of the electromagnetic properties of materials.

To respond to the specific requirements of the aeronautical industry, all the expertise and capabilities matured in providing prediction consultancy services have been directly transferred into E-MIND, our software product for EMI/EMC risk assessment and reduction.