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Why choose IDS Air Navigation Solutions

IDS Global Offering

The widest range of products to meet clients' needs

IDS Air Navigation is the only company worldwide capable of providing an integrated and scalable solution covering the complete workflow for day to day operation of Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) & Aeronautical Information Management (AIM). IDS provides full support to its customers through Consulting and Training services to ensure high-quality customized solutions.

IDS Experience & Expertise

Over 30-years experience and more than 150 staff dedicated to Air Navigation

IDS Air Navigation Division has been operating in the market since 1982 and boasts a portfolio of multiple collaborations with many of the most important players in the sector as well as involvement in worldwide research projects and initiatives. This is the result of the commitment of over 150 resources working in the division and the support of three research and development laboratories that continuously develop and deliver the most advanced solutions to the market. All IDS solutions are developed in-house.

IDS Timing

The first to launch new innovative solutions on the market

With resources dedicated to continuous research and development, IDS confirms its market leadership by delivering advanced, innovative and unique solutions on the market before others.

IDS Care

Close and long lasting customer relationships

IDS Air Navigation has over 50 worldwide customers including 4 of the 5 most strategic Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs). None of the acquired customers has ever left IDS. IDS adopts a strategy placing the customer at the heart of the relationship: this is why IDS does not provide only tools and solutions but also offers assistance to help them to grow and become more competitive by offering them the possibility to provide the broadest range of services.

IDS Compliance

Fully compliant with new regulations

IDS solutions are built in compliance with country-specific and international regulations of Air Navigation, for example, applicable International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) criteria, the US Federal Aviation Administration (US FAA) regulations and Eurocontrol guidance material. IDS understands and takes very seriously the importance of being compliant and provide customers with evidences of the internal validation steps. IDS directly participates in several International Standard Committees in order to share all its experience and expertise with the international panel.

IDS Quality

Solutions upgraded to be compliant with the Aeronautical quality standards

IDS solutions have been upgraded in order to be compliant with the aeronautical quality standards. The aeronautical data management and its flow between organizations it is essential and requires high level of governance and quality. Eurocontrol has developed an interoperability Implementing Rule (IR) to enhance and supplement ICAO Annex 15 commonly known as the Aeronautical Data Quality (ADQ) regulation. IDS offer solutions to support ANSP in respecting this compliancy, by implementing an aeronautical Workflow and Task management system assisting the data chain, starting from the acquisition of information from the external data originators to the dissemination through dedicated web feature services and digital products.