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CRONOS is IDS's market solution in response to the ICAO requirements for the transition from AIS to AIM ("information going digital"). CRONOS is a very innovative product, a step ahead of the upcoming EC specifications on NOTAM management. A set of web-modules for dynamic aeronautical data management and features such as embedded modularity and extensibility meet the specific requirements of today while allowing for future enhancements and expansions for tomorrow.

Based on the latest available technology and fully integrated with the IDS system which is based on an AIXM 5 compliant aeronautical database, CRONOS provides functionalities to manage both traditional and digital NOTAM messages, MET data, flight plan (FPL) and pre-flight information bulletins (PIB). The CRONOS suite also includes WADE (web aeronautical data editor) to update static aeronautical data stored in the enterprise data store (AeroDB).

CRONOS can be connected to the AMHS via a serial asynchronous line (RS232), TCP/IP connection, AFTN or an OASIS WS-brokered notification service for digital NOTAM dissemination. CRONOS supports the reception and dissemination of messages from the following:

  • AMHS
  • FDPS
  • AFTN
  • WMO

A key characteristic of CRONOS is the visualization and interaction with aeronautical data in a geographical environment. Completely immersed in a web-GIS environment with a high level of automation, CRONOS facilitates operations by automating:

  • Complete message life cycle management
  • Responses to external message requests (RQN, RQM etc)
  • Creation, validation and processing of NOTAM checklists (including AIP publication related)
  • High integrity in message composition
  • Generation of MET and ROBEX bulletins

CRONOS provides intuitive tools for conducting dynamic operations such as:

  • ICAO compliant message templates for message creation
  • ECTL digital NOTAM composition wizard for NOTAM creation
  • Powerful message search and reporting capabilities
  • On-demand generation of narrow route, standard route, aerodrome, airspace, user defined geographical areas, FIR pre-flight information bulletins (PIBs) and incremental PIBs
  • Geographical visualization of NOTAMs, MET data, FPLs and PIBs


NOTAM Composition Wizard

  • Web based interface allows easy deployment and enables users to access their system services from any networked computer regardless of location or operating system and with no local software installation
  • Portal provides authorized users with a rich web – GIS responsive environment for managing aeronautical information.
  • Integrated environment enables collaborative decision making without compromising security and brings uniformity to ground data networks
  • Geographical representation of data provides a greater situational awareness and results in a higher quality of work and data
  • Through the use of service-oriented architecture, aeronautical data stored within the CRONOS dynamic database can be shared openly with 3rd party applications and over SWIM infrastructure