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EMI/EMC Measurement Services

In-house facilities allow the Aeronautical Division (in close collaboration with the Measurement Laboratory) to offer electromagnetic measurement services in several application fields (i.e. Antennas, Radomes, Harness).

Antenna measurement

We have the capability of verifying the performance of many kinds of avionic antennas both in far field and in near field environments, providing output in various formats:

  • VSWR
  • Input Impedance
  • Gain and Directivity
  • Radiation Patterns
  • Phase Center
  • Phase and Group Delay

Radome qualification

Any avionic radome serves as a protective cover to all antennas located inside it and acts as an electromagnetic window to the signals passing through it. For this reason, before its installation, it is to be certified to meet the specific electromagnetic performance in the operating frequencies of the antennas it hosts.

This certification involves the qualification of the radome in terms of Transmission Efficiency, Beam Deflection, Side Lobe Level, Beam Width and Incident Reflection.

The test set up and test method we use to perform this activity is compliant with RTCA/DO-213 normative.

The peculiarities of the methodology are:

  • Real antenna-radome installation is tested
  • Wide angle scan (in compliance with normative)
  • Results analysis and output compliant with normative

Harness qualification

This service consists of evaluating the shielding capacity, in terms of Transfer Impedance and Shielding Effectiveness, of shielded conducts. The Transfer Impedance set up and test method is based on the standard EN 60512-23-3. The peculiarities of the methodology are that it can be adapted to any geometry (square, circular, etc), geometrical dimension (diameter and length), portion (conductor, junction, inspection opening, etc) and structure (flexible, rigid, etc…) of the conduct. The technique has been proved effective and accurate in the frequency range 10 KHz – 400 MHz

Turn-key measurement solutions

Our experience and expertise allows us to design, assemble and set up turn-key measurement solutions satisfying the customer’s needs.

Our services cover all possible aspects of testing, such as methods, measurement system selection, real-time and post-processing software, customer onsite and installation support, overall training and maintenance.