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Flight Procedure Design and Airspace Management (FPDAM)

Airports and route networks are key factors in the process of airspace rationalization. Conventional and RNAV/PBN flight procedure design are becoming more and more complex due to factors such as increasing legislation and design rules, environmental regulations on operational constraints, distance between nearby airports, and national security restrictions.

FPDAM is a suite of versatile, expandable modules that allow operators to calculate and design flight procedures in a three-dimensional and interactive environment. The software also lets users generate and monitor instrument flight procedures compliant with international standards, taking into account factors such as airport, terrain, obstacles, aircraft type, rules, global navigation satellite system (GNSS) and satellite constellation.


  • Generates Standard Instrument Departure (SID), Standard Terminal Arrival Routes (STAR) and Approach charts in a fully interactive and controlled environment
  • Allows the user to analyze obstruction clearance, create 3D airspace elements and temporally manage airspaces and airways
  • Allows users to import and utilize digital terrain data relevant to procedure design in any known projection and datum
  • Automates complex procedure design functions within its design environment
  • Accounts for all factors that affect flight performance, such as the aerodrome and NAVAIDS environment, terrain model, artificial obstacles, aircraft type and design rules
  • Ensures tight control of the system configuration, design elements and design criteria related to flight safety issues through connection to a controlled aeronautical database

FPDAM is compliant with the following standards:

  • Civil Aviation Flight Procedures:
    • ICAO Doc. 8168 (PANS OPS), ICAO Doc. 9905: Construction of Visual and Instrument Flight Procedures including RNP APCH AR procedures.
    • ICAO Annex 14: Aerodromes management and obstacle charts construction.
    • US FAA TERPS including order 8260.52 and 8260.54A.
    • Canadian TP308.
  • Helicopter procedures (Cat H) are also now included in the standard FPDAM release.

FPDAM Features:

  • Aerodromes, runways, navaids, waypoints, routes and obstructions can be stored and managed in a central database with dedicated data translators providing data interchange capabilities (ARINC, AIXM and custom formats) or can be stored in AIXM (4.5 and 5.1)formatted files.
  • Terrain and chart database (3D vector, 3D terrain elevation data and images) management using open formats (DEM, DTED, SRTM, Bt, etc)
  • Flight segment and point builder; straight track, turns (DF, TF, CF and RF), wind spirals, fix and waypoints
  • Tolerance area builder (VOR, NDB, LOC, ILS, DME, PAR, SRA, RNAV/PBN, RNP APCH AR, GBAS, SBAS, APV I & II)
  • Conventional and RNAV/PBN departure area builder, straight and turning (at altitude, navaids, or fixes)
  • Obstruction assessment, clearance, OCA/H, DA/DH or MDA/H and PDG/CG calculator
  • Procedure report builder including submission forms and SSA charts
  • Holding, base turn, procedure turn, DF turn, circling area and protection area builder
  • ILS obstacle assessment surfaces (OAS), CRM and BASIC ILS surface builder

FPDAM is a fully modular system allowing for the selection of tailor-made configurations and functionalities to best suit customer needs.

FPDAM is fully able to interactively modify the position of waypoints and fixes belonging to a procedure by dragging and dropping their position in the graphical view. Already designed protection areas are, in this case, automatically updated taking into account the new geometry information.

FPDAM is also fully compliant with the latest ICAO requirements regarding SW validation as stated in ICAO Doc. 9906 Vol III and EU 552/2004.

fpdam 3d


Time saving:

    • Data loading for design purposes, from all possible accountable sources (including free sources on the internet as well as from certified data originators), does not require any conversion.
    • DEM, DTED, BT, SRTM terrain files can be loaded and used.
    • From scratch, it just takes a few minutes to read the source files and then start designing.

data loadingData loading

    • FPDAM is fully able to design and assess a procedure (in a non-complex environment) in less than 2 hours, by providing an automated report and SSA Charts.

SID after data loadingSID after data loading


    • Safety is ensured by providing on-line checks against reference criteria (ICAO, TERPS, etc) and ARINC 424 checks. During design the user is warned about any noncompliance with the best parameters to be used as well as the minimum and the maximum values to be applied (for gradients, angles, etc).

error checksError checks

  • Each FPDAM release is provided along with full Quality Assurance documentation in accordance with the ICAO 9906 Vol. III requirements. Usability in an operational environment, criteria compliance, and level of coverage against reference criteria are taken into account in this documentation.


  • FPDAM is the only design system fully integrated in a complete AIS/AIM suite. Connection to AIXM databases for aeronautical data management, data dissemination, publishing and charting is ensured with no additional cost to the customer.
  • Full integration within the IDS suite of products enables the EUROCONTROL Aeronautical Data Quality (ADQ) mandate to be respected. The full design process, as stated in ICAO 9906, can be defined and all input and output data for each single step are tracked by PLX
  • FPDAM is globally the most used system within design organizations (ANSPs/CAAs/Airlines/Airport Authorities) and this ensures full compliance with operational needs.

Regular updates:

  • FPDAM is continually updated ensuring that all calculations are in accordance with current criteria and applicable annexes and changes.

FPDAM (Flight Procedure Design and Airspace Management) is a fully modular solution for flight procedure design. This means that the system can be built and configured around the specific needs and requirements of the client with the possibility of adding of new capabilities if and when required.

FPDAM features:

AeroChart: automatically builds and maintains SSA (SID, STAR and Approach) charts originating from FPDAM projects. It is fully configurable in terms of Chart appearance:

  • Symbols can be selected from a dedicated library of symbols.
  • Each single chart box can be configured as follows:
  • Description : Description of the selected box type.
  • Color : Border color of the selected box.
  • Level : Level on which to draw the box.
  • Box line style : Line style of the box border.
  • Box line width : Line width of the box border.
  • Text font : Font.
  • Text width : Width of a single character placed in the box while drawing the chart.
  • Text height : Height of a single character placed in the box while drawing the chart.
  • Line spacing : Space between lines within the box used at the time of drawing the chart.
  • Line length : Length of line.
  • Text justification : Text Position, text direction, text alignment.
  • Box border line visibility: Option lets the user select whether to keep the box border visible or not.
Chart configuration

Chart configuration

Aerochart approach chart

Aerochart approach chart

SSA Encoder: add-on module containing specific user interfaces for the maintenance of SSA related database tables. It allows additional checks to be made on the ARINC 424 coding prior to storage in IDS’s central database for data dissemination and publication. Changes to the effective dates are possible through a dedicated interface, and consistency checks are performed by the SSA Encoder.