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Data Maintenance is part of IDS’s integrated suite of applications for aeronautical information services and management (AIS/AIM). The suite consists of a central aeronautical database and a set of tools for the production of AIS products and the management of static and dynamic data. The integrated nature of IDS’s AIS/AIM solutions ensures full compliancy with the ICAO mandate for data quality.

Data Maintenance lies at the heart of IDS’s integrated AIM suite. It supports the transition from AIS to AIM, providing structured static and dynamic data management while maintaining the concept of temporality.

IAS Data Maintenance can provide support to:

  • Civil aviation agencies;
  • Air force agencies;
  • Air navigation service providers;
  • Airlines;
  • Airports;
  • Aeronautical cartographic and mapping companies.



The main Data Maintenance features are:

  • Central aeronautical database;
  • Compatibility with EUROCONTROL’s AICM/AIXM;
  • Temporal data management: efficient management and monitoring of time related information;
  • Graphical interactive management of aeronautical features;
  • Accessible by multiple client applications;
  • Customizable application environment with configuration data and rule storage;
  • Rule checking instruments to avoid errors;
  • Quick access to the most up to date information for all users;
  • Decreases the chance of errors in the transmission or exchange of aeronautical data;
  • Data integrity verified by making use of cyclical redundancy checks (CRC) to ensure the standards required by ICAO;
  • Report generation to show which aeronautical products are changed by changing a particular piece of data;
  • Possibility to customize Data Maintenance’s records/tables schema.


Data Maintenance Modules

Included within the core of Data Maintenance is a set of tools which allows the insertion and maintenance (extracting, updating, deleting) of aeronautical feature data and their associated attributes. These tools can be augmented by additional powerful modules:

  • Aerocatalog – a document repository which stores and catalogues documents, charts and templates;
  • SpecMan – database structuring and maintenance tools which allow the customization of Data Maintenance’s records/tables schema to meet the unique requirements of a user’s aeronautical feature data format and layout;
  • GFeaMan – Geographic Feature Manager provides aeronautical data management and presentation in a GIS environment;
  • RepMan – Report Manager provides functionalities for the development and presentation of Data Maintenance data reports and statistics;
  • RuleMan – Rule Manager allows the rule sets stored in Data Maintenance for the automatic extraction and visualization of aeronautical charts to be defined and modified.


GFeaman Graphical Interface

  • EUROCONTROL’s AICM/AIXM, ARINC and ICAO standards compatibility
  • Centralized aeronautical data storage
  • Full temporality support
  • Integrated GIS platform
  • Automatic data validation
  • Data integrity assured, as required by ICAO standard, via cyclical redundancy checks (CRC)
  • Data change control and tracking
  • User friendly and configurable reporting environment
  • Full integration with AIP and chart production applications


Feaman, AeroDB's Feature Management Interface