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Digital Data Distribution (Translators & AeroEAD)

Digital Data Distribution is part of IDS’s integrated suite of applications for aeronautical information services and management (AIS/AIM). The suite consists of a central aeronautical database and a set of tools for the production of AIS products and the management of static and dynamic data. The integrated nature of IDS’s AIS/AIM solutions ensures full compliancy with the ICAO mandate for data quality.

Digital Data Distribution provides AIS providers with fast and safe methods of importing and exporting electronic aeronautical data to and from the IDS aeronautical database, AeroDB.

Digital Data Distribution includes “Translators” which allows the import and export of data into and out of AeroDB using the main aeronautical digital standards (AIXM 4.5 and 5.1, ARINC 424, DAFIF).

Translators is a rule driven set of tools meaning it can therefore import and export any data format according to user defined rules. The tools perform digital validation of all data and are capable of performing a comparison between two files, finding inconsistencies and allowing the user to define rules to fix the inconsistencies before generating fixed or merged output files.

Digital Data Distribution also includes “AeroEAD” which has been specifically developed to provide an interface with EUROCONTROL’s European AIS Database (EAD) which is compliant with the EAD Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (AIXM) data and data exchange model.

AeroEAD allows AeroDB to be integrated with the European AIS Database (EAD) using the EAD System Interface (ESI). It is a tested and certified (ESI v.7) connectivity toolbox based on the ESI Network Adapter (ENA) which allows EAD data providers and data users to exchange data in both directions between AeroDB and EAD. It integrates IDS’s aeronautical applications with the EAD Static Data Object (SDO) and the Published AIP Management System (PAMS).

To provide flexibility, AeroEAD is composed of a server component and client components which may be located on the same or different machines. AeroEAD’s architecture is such that multiple clients may connect to the server allowing more than one operator (e.g. administrator, data manager or user) to use the EAD interfacing functions in accordance with their user privileges. Other systems, including third party systems, may also share services provided by the AeroEAD server.


Translators AIXM 5.1 Import/Export Interface with a GIS Preview

Features and Characteristics:

The main features of Translators are as follows:

  • GIS interface allows aeronautical data to be visualized prior to the import process;
  • Management of AIXM, ARINC and DAFIF aeronautical standards;
  • Data integrity and consistency validation;
  • Rule driven application which allows non-standard digital outputs (XML, ASCII) to be configured.

The AeroEAD client contains the operator interface and allows users to:

  • Perform EAD data queries;
  • Upload and download EAD data;
  • Access the AeroDB database and perform data extraction and uploads;
  • Transform data to and from AIXM;
  • Perform application management.

The AeroEAD server application is based on a customized EUROCONTROL ENA package and makes use of its own ENA mapping modules. The server contains routines for:

  • Client request/response;
  • EAD request/response;
  • Client and/or EAD message reception, distribution and request;
  • Database manager;
  • LAN/WAN communication and firewall.

AeroEAD provides the following SDO and PAMS functionalities:

  • SDO query;
  • Static data update;
  • Private slot management;
  • Reporting management;
  • File download;
  • Send published documents;
  • View documents;
  • Modify and delete sent documents.
  • Integration between the AeroEAD and Translators applications that allows the user to send/receive data to/from EUROCONTROL’s European AIS Database;
  • Integration of the Translators application with PLX, the IDS workflow management system;
  • Integration with AeroCatalog, the IDS aeronautical catalogue that allows the user to maintain and version the digital data in a shared repository.