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Ubimex ATS Message Handling System (AMHS)

The Ubimex ATS Message Handling System [AMHS] is the 6th generation of Ubitech’s field-tested and proven ATS Messaging Systems. While AMHS technology is new to the aeronautical industry, Ubitech has extensive experience in the underlying X.400 technologies having deployed numerous X.400 message switches around the world. The result of these years of experience is an AMHS system that is both feature-packed and reliable.

The core components of Ubimex are:

  • Message Transfer Agent [ubiMTA]
  • Message Store [ubiMS]
  • Access Unit [ubiAU]
  • Directory Services [ubiDS]
  • User Agent [Ubimex Web]

Ubimex Components

ubiMTA provides the core message switching and AMHS communications of Ubimex:

  • Dual-Stack [OSI & IPS]
  • x.400 P1 communications with adjacent MTAs
  • Delivery/Reception to/from the message store
  • Routing of messages, probes and reports
  • Automatic generation of reports
  • Validation and authentication of originator & recipients
  • Detailed transaction and event logging
  • High message throughput with low latency
  • Support for binary message attachments
  • Optional security using x.509 Public Key Infrastructure

ubiMS is a robust database for short & long-term message storage:

  • Receives messages from ubiMTA on behalf of users [Inbox]
  • Submits messages to ubiMTA on behalf of users [Outbox]
  • Keeps all message traffic for a user-configured duration
  • Provides high-performance message searches
  • Simple tools for backup and archival

ubiAU [also known as an AMHS/AFTN Gateway] provides bidirectional protocol/message/address conversion between AMHS [x.400] and the following:

  • AFTN
  • NADIN [I, II, IP]
  • SITA
  • Email
  • WMO
  • Fax

ubiDS is an x.500 directory service that contains information about AMHS entities and makes it available to the AMHS community:

  • Supports LDAP, DAP, & DSP protocols
  • Provides directory lookup for users
  • Serves as the validation source for message addressing
  • Optionally can store the end user x.509 certificate

Ubimex Web User Agent is a secure web-based portal through which both operator and administrator users can perform all the functions of AMHS:

  • Operator, Supervisor, Reject, & Intercept Messaging
  • AMHS/AFTN Gateway [ubiAU] Control Position
  • System Configuration, Maintenance, & Monitoring
  • Directory User Agent

Ubimex Web offers operators an integrated environment for AMHS and AFTN messaging modeled after popular email applications such as Microsoft’s Outlook Web Client and Google’s Gmail:

  • View message traffic easily using Personal or Group Inboxes, Outboxes, & Sent Items
  • Ease the transition to AMHS by choosing to create messages using AMHS or AFTN views
  • Simplify message creation using ICAO-compliant forms
  • Save draft messages for future use or setup message templates to reduce repetitive data entry
  • Manage contacts using personal and global address books from the directory server

Ubimex Web allows system administrators to configure, maintain and monitor AMHS operations using a graphical user interface:

  • Manage users, groups, rights & privileges
  • View logs of messaging transactions & system events
  • Configure internal AMHS & AFTN system parameters
  • Monitor the status of system processes & components
  • Run diagnostics to test system performance

Fault Tolerance

Ubimex is designed for 24/7 operations in a mission-critical environment.

  • No-Single-Point-of-Failure anywhere within the system
  • Master & Hot-Standby server architecture with automatic switchover mechanism
  • Multiple LANs to ensure network connectivity
  • ‘n’ Replication seamlessly replicates messages from the Master server to any number (’n’) of Standby servers
  • No blind database replication; ‘n’ Replication uses shared memory replication at the application level
  • Defined process of replication confirmations ensures both the Master & Standby ubiMS are independent but in lock-step
  • Standby servers can co-located with the Master or separated geographically at Disaster Recovery Locations
  • Software Process Auto-Recovery monitors key applications to detect abnormalities and initiate process restarts

Compliance and Interoperability

  • Ubimex has successfully passed the EUROCONTROL Conformance Test Plan (ICAO EUR Doc 020, EUR AMHS Manual, Appendix D)
  • Proven interoperability with 3rd party AMHS systems

Why use Ubimex?

  • No dependence on 3rd-party AMHS software
    IDS has developed 100% of the Ubimex software in-house and maintains complete control over its enhancement and maintenance. Most other AMHS suppliers buy their critical software components from a 3rd Party provider and have no expertise nor capability to maintain their own AMHS products. IDS invested in its own AMHS development in order to guarantee the level of service that our customers require.
  • Easy deployment through web-based user agents
    The Ubimex User Agent is web-based meaning that the user accesses the User Agent through a web-browser as they would any common internet mail application such as Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo. The User Agent application is hosted on central web-servers and requires no software to be installed locally on the user’s computer. Any software upgrades are simply applied to the central web-servers and all users are updated simultaneously. IDS can securely deploy User Agents to any location using new or existing workstation computers on an existing corporate WAN, dedicated AMHS WAN, or via the internet.
  • Power of an Oracle Database with no DBA required
    Oracle is well-known as the most powerful and reliable database engine on the market, but it has a reputation for being complicated and difficult to maintain. IDS is a member of Oracle’s Embedded Software License Program which permits IDS to embed Oracle within the Ubimex application in a way that is invisible to the users and requires no database maintenance personnel. As a result, our customers enjoy an easy-to-use package with Oracle’s performance and reliability without the database administration headaches.

Ubimex Deployment

Ubimex is designed using a COTS hardware platform, common operating systems and standardized networking interfaces:

  • More economical to deploy & maintain
  • Reduces the training requirement for IT staff
  • Provides scalability and flexibility to adapt to any existing IT environment
  • Ensures local warranty support is available in-country
  • Guarantees long-term availability of spares and/or replacements
  • Simplifies integration with external systems