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AeroPub is part of IDS's integrated suite of applications for aeronautical information services and management (AIS/AIM). The suite consists of a central aeronautical database and a set of tools for the production of AIS products and the management of static and dynamic data. The integrated nature of IDS's AIS/AIM solutions ensures full compliancy with the ICAO mandate for data quality.

ICAO Annex 15 requires each State to publish an Integrated Aeronautical Information Package including an Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP). AeroPub is a comprehensive package which allows the aeronautical information (AIS/AIM) sections of civil and military aviation authorities to meet their AIP requirements.

AeroPub automatically manages the production cycle, extracting the required information (data, aeronautical charts and texts), which is valid for the publication's effective date, from IDS Data Maintenance's AeroDB database and AeroCatalog document repository. AIP Amendments are generated by comparing the new AIP with the previous published version and automatically marking the changes with user configurable change bars, automatically updating the pages' dates, checklist and cover letters.

AeroPub comes with all the default ICAO publication templates and also allows user defined rules to be set up in order to publish multiple types of documents according to local specifications. AeroPub allows the user to manage ICAO compliant AIPs as well as AIP Amendments, AIP Supplements, Aeronautical Information Circulars (AICs) and non ICAO publications.


An Electronic AIP module (eAIP) is available for AeroPub which uses a dedicated HTML generator, compliant with the EUROCONTROL eAIP Specification, to produce an electronic version of the AIP, increasing the use of automation in AIS by promoting electronic versions to replace the current paper-based elements of the Integrated Aeronautical Information Package (IAIP).

Features and Characteristics

The main AeroPub features are:

  • Text amendment tracking;
  • Amendment cycle support;
  • Database managed file control (check in/out);
  • Automatic assignment of effective dates to pages;
  • Automatic creation of change bars;
  • Automatic AIP index page creation;
  • Automatic AIP checklist creation;
  • Configurable link to the aeronautical database;
  • Multi-user environment;
  • AIP error reports
  • Automatic production of aeronautical publications and/or their amendments in three different formats: an editable format in order to allow the authorized user to manually edit the produced artifact, a PDF format for printing purposes and an HTML format for reading on a computer screen;
  • eAIP production, including supplements and circulars, compliant with EUROCONTROL's eAIP Specification.


  • The automated amendments production process requires less manual input by the user, resulting in a process that takes less time and is more economical, reducing costs for the validation of procedures while remaining compliant with ICAO requirements.
  • The automatic electronic process ensures that data accuracy is maintained throughout, from data acquisition through to the final publication. By extracting data directly from IDS's AIXM and ARINC compliant aeronautical database, AeroDB, AeroPub is able to automatically generate aeronautical publications, including checklists and cover letters, resulting in a more reliable production process which ensures quality control and traceability. In addition AeroPub's flexibility offers the capability to configure the produced output according to customers' requirements.
  • Full integration within the IDS suite allows the EUROCONTROL Aeronautical Data Quality (ADQ) mandate to be respected. The connection to AIXM databases for aeronautical data management, data dissemination, publishing and charting is ensured with no additional cost to the customer.