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e-TOD Airport Data Analyzer

The Airport Data Analyzer provides users with a visual representation of the airport environment, offering accurate and reliable natural and man-made obstacle assessment through the import and processing of airport obstacle and terrain data.

Based on a Bentley Microstation CAD platform, the Airport Data Analyzer exports all output in a GIS environment that can be displayed in a common GIS platform or Google Earth.

Users can also review the input data and use it for surface construction (in accordance with ICAO standard Annex 4 and 14) and for obstacle interference evaluation for both existing and planned obstacles.


e-TOD Airport Data Analyzer

In addition to the primary benefits of e-TOD, ADA provides:

  • Annex 4 and 14 surface design projects for a given effective date
  • Obstacle assessment results for a given effective date
  • User friendly reports of the results of obstacle assessments with identification of impacted and unimpacted surfaces
  • What-if analysis on aeronautical and obstacle data
  • Design of curved surfaces
  • Defininition of a custom set of rules (length, slope, additional parameters) for surface design
  • Annex 15 area 2 design