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e-TOD Obstacle Chart Builder

IDS’s e-TOD Obstacle Chart Builder lets users manage and define chart templates within a graphical environment, by extracting obstacle and terrain charts (ICAO type A,B and PATC). The system allows users to modify the following parameters:

  • Header, profile view and plan view size and position;
  • Size and position of boxes;
  • Text size, color and font for each box element;
  • Elements to be represented.

Once created, charts can then be inserted into the central database from where any system user can later retrieve them using a number of different search criteria (date of issue, classification, ICAO code, etc.) and then display them with a single click.


e-TOD Obstacle Chart Builder

In addition to the primary benefits of e-TOD, OCB provides:

  • A fully editable layout configurable in terms of font, text size, orientation, etc.
  • Automatic computation of the terrain profile by Obstacle Chart Builder during chart creation
  • Automatic computation during chart creation of shadowed obstacles as per the Annex 14 requirements for the plan/profile view
  • Automatic provision of dynamic linkage between database and chart elements