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Ground Validation & Simulation

Ground Simulation and Validation are the final quality assurance step in the procedure design process for performance based navigation (PBN), instrument flight procedures (IFP) and the 4DT (4D Trajectories)  concept.

ICAO Doc. 9906 Vol 5 states clearly that a “simulator evaluation” is mandatory for RNP AR (required navigation performance authorization required) procedures and that it is strongly recommended for all other procedures.

IDS provides a set of sophisticated ground validation tools to support the performance and the safety assessment process allowing flyability checks and GNSS coverage through realistic fly-through operations.

IDS suite includes:

  • Virtual Flyability Check (FPSAT): a pre-post processor that performs flight inspection of an RNAV (area navigation);
  • Airport Control Tower Simulation (TBA3D): A flexible simulator for tower controller operations validation in order to support planned and advanced scenarios from Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) to Aeronautical Information Management (AIM);
  • Advanced Cockpit Simulator (ACS): a realistic and cost effective method of trialing modifications to infrastructure, airspace or flight procedures.