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Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport Flight Procedures Project

Brisbane, Australia - 10th November 2014. The Brisbane West Wellcamp flight procedures project was an exciting, extensive and technically challenging design process that involved much consultation and communication with the many stakeholders including local councils, the Australian civil aviation regulator, CASA, the air navigation service provider, Airservices Australia, and the military due to the restricted area to the north-west of the Wellcamp aerodrome.

A 3D image of a procedure at Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport
A 3D image of a procedure at Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport

The Wellcamp Airport is the first privately owned and operated publicly built Airport in Australia for 50 years. IDS are proud to have played a significant role in this historic event.

The project commenced in early August 2013 and on the first visit the site was basically a paddock with a dirt road and some machinery. The date of AIPSUP publication was 13th November 2014. This meant that the IDS deliverable had to be middle to late September 2014 which was achieved by the FPDO (Flight Procedure Design Organization) team. Aircraft are due to start flying out of the airport on November 17th.

The main challenge existed in obtaining accurate up-to-date survey data as the terrain and runway data was changing every few weeks due to the ongoing construction.

The deliverables of RNAV GNSS approaches to both ends of the runway and omnidirectional departures including Standard Instrument Departures (SIDs) were implemented. There were many restrictions caused by the complex airspace however the intimate knowledge and experience of IDS as a procedure design organization made it possible to design all procedures meeting the criteria as set out in the CASR Manual of Standards (MOS) PART 173.

Additionally IDS designed the procedures for nearby Toowoomba airport and redesigned the missed approaches to fit within the airspace and as directed by CASA, to ensure safe passage for all operators landing at one of the three close together airfields (the third being a military airfield).

It is important to support the client and as such IDS attended the public open days prior to the opening of the airport, designing 3D videos of all approach and departure procedures.

Phil Gregory, the General Manager of Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport said “We have found the IDS team to be flexible and responsive to our needs. Building a green field public airport creates a number of unique airspace challenges that IDS have responded to in both a timely and professional manner.”

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