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GRED HD Software Platform

The Ground Penetrating Radar software platform for data post processing from IDS

The GRED HD platform is able to process data collected from all IDS ground penetrating radar solutions and will replace the previous GRED platform. It will incorporate a lot of added features and advanced capabilities while retaining all of the features from the old GRED software. In addition, all data acquired using the IDS RIS family of products will still work with the new software.

The GRED HD software comes with a completely updated graphic interface, enhanced capability and advanced software features making it the most advanced and complete tool for post processing Ground Penetrating Radar data.

GRED HD benefits:

High PerformanceHigh Performance: GRED HD is able to easily manage a large quantity of data. The software is able to process up to 1 GB of data (more than 10 km in linear acquisition) in less than 15 minutes and also handles the graphic layout with 3D view rendering and tomography.




GPS CapabilityEnhanced GPS capability: Map track viewer to analyze the survey path; Tomography and 3D model generated using X, Y and Z coordinates for real depth analysis in steep and sloped terrain.




Professional ResultsProfessional result: importation and exportation of geo-referenced digital maps including swaths acquired and detected buried targets.





Universal PlatformUniversal platform: able to operate with all IDS products and configurations.





The software comes with two view interfaces:

Project Explorer1. Project Explorer
In this section the user can select the project, check the positioning and filtering, and can process the GPR data using several features. This section also includes a layer picking feature for pavement and railway ballast evaluation as well as management for external video sources. The project Explorer is included in GRED basic.



3D Viewer2. 3D viewer
This navigator interface displays the results of data processing and is composed of four windows:

  • Tomography (time slices)
  • Radar scans parallel to the acquisition direction
  • Virtual Radar scans orthogonal to the acquisition direction
  • 3D view

N.B. the 3D viewer is not included in GRED Basic.


GRED HD will be available in four versions:

GRED HD Basic is an easy to use post processing software module, designed to be the entry level package for all the IDS GPR products. This tool offers a 2D viewer and processing with advanced 2D filtering, including:

  • Radarscan viewer, filter and advanced filtering macros, multiple radar scan viewer
  • Layer picking for automatic analysis of sub-layers
  • GPS and map track viewer including X, Y and Z axis and digital map importation
  • Video handling (option)

GRED HD 3D is an advanced module which integrates all the features of the basic package and adds 3D viewer features:

  • Tomographic map view (C-Scan) including radar scan fusion
  • 3D data visualization
  • Advanced targeting using radarscan and tomographic view

GRED HD 3D CAD provides highly interactive and efficient management of large quantities of data. The results can be transferred to CAD (Autocad or Microstation) or GIS either by using an interactive link or at the end of the work session; in the latter case, the GEOMAP module automatically generates the final cartographic output. Additional functions:

  • CAD, GIS exportation of GPR data and target
  • Synthetic map (only for the Stream family of products)

GRED HD Bridge software is specifically designed to assist the operator in the evaluation of bridge decks , including:

  • Automatic rebar detection
  • Damaged area detection
  • Automatic generation of digital maps (eg moisture, asphalt thickness, rebar status maps)
  • 3D tomographic view of rebar meshes

Each ground penetrating radar application has specific requirements, needing dedicated features. IDS offers a complete set of software packages with functions matched to specific applications, as shown in the table below:

Post processing Software Utility Detection and Mapping Civil Engineering Bridge Engineering Road Engineering Geology & Environment Archaeology & Cultural Heritage Forensics & Security
GRED HD Bridge X X

GRED HD 3D Viewer
GRED HD 3D viewer image showing tomographic, radar scan and 3D model

GRED HD 3D Viewer Radar Scan
GRED HD 3D viewer Radar scan and 3D views

Project Explorer Scan Selector
Project exploration: Radar Scan selection and layer picking procedure