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Naval Solutions & Services

IDS’s Naval Division offers software modeling and prediction tools, hardware measurement and validation systems as well as a range of consultancy services to its clients.
  • Software Solutions - The software solutions provide 3D modeling and predictions of radar cross sections (RCS), infrared signatures (IR) and electromagnetic engineering (EME). As well as using advanced solvers and procedures to identify potential problems, the software includes post processing features which can guide the designer through the process of making improvements.

  • Hardware Solutions - IDS’s hardware solutions provide navies and shipbuilders with the means to measure and validate their designs. IDS provides mobile measuring systems for RCS, IR and EME along with dedicated post processing software packages to interpret and collate the measurements in a database.

  • Integrated Solutions for keeping the configuration of a naval fleet under control and to automate the process of assessing the compliance of ships to a given operational mission, to keep performance under control and to make effective checks on risks, time and costs.

  • Consultancy Services - IDS’s consultancy services make extensive use of IDS’s software tools for 3D modeling, prediction and risk assessment services and internal measurement laboratories for a range of measurement and validation services. More information can be found on the Consultancy Services page.