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IBIS-FS: Interferometric Radar




Increase structural health monitoring efficiency through the use of a non-invasive vibration monitoring technique;

Accurate and remote monitoring of a bridge or structure;

Reduces the time necessary for static or dynamic bridge structural testing to just a few minutes;

Real-time data on structural vibration and natural frequencies;



IBIS-FS is a microwave interferometry based system for remote static and dynamic monitoring of bridges and other structures including buildings, historical monuments and towers. IBIS-FS introduces a totally new solution in this field of application, with many advantages over traditional instruments for both static and dynamic monitoring.



  • Structure load testing;
  • Structure displacement and collapse hazards;
  • Cultural heritage preservation.


  • Structure resonance frequency measurements;
  • Structural modal shape analysis.
  • Remote sensing: Real-time remote sensing at up to 1 km with no need for equipment to be installed on the monitored structure.
  • Accurate measurements: Measures displacements of as little as 0.01mm @ 0.5km range. No standard instrument can achieve such accuracy.
  • Sampling: Structural vibration sampling up to 200 Hz.
  • Always operational: Operates day & night and in all weather conditions.

In real time IBIS-FS is able to show a power image of the monitored scenario, the displacement of the overall scenario and the displacement among selected points of the scenario. Displacement accuracy can be within 0.01mm.

IBIS Surveyor Software

The IBIS Surveyor software is specifically developed to process the raw files generated during measurement sessions by IBIS-FS. The Software is equipped with a complete set of features for the static and dynamic evaluation of the overall structural displacement.

The static information that can be obtained are the power image of the monitored scenario to select the points to monitor and the displacement temporal histories of the selected measurement points belonging to the investigated scenario (bridges, dams, landslides, etc.).

Processing of IBIS-FS data also includes basic dynamic structural analysis tools to identify the resonance frequencies and modal shapes of the monitored structures.

This information can lead to a complete Structural Health Monitoring system for a structure.








Remote Sensing Distance Up to 1 km
Frequency band 17.1-17.3 GHz
Platform Ground-Based
Antennas Horn antennas (20 dB or 15 dB)
Maximum range 0.5 km
Spatial resolution 0.5 m
Displacement accuracy 0.01 – 0.1 mm. typical depending on range
Maximum non-ambiguous displacement 10.0 mm
Acquisition frequency Up to 200 Hz
Power supply SLA batteries 12VDC 12 Ah
Dimensions 11 x 35 x 24 cm (radar unit)
Weight 12 kg (full configuration with tripod)
Power consumption 24 W
Environmental IP66 (radar)
Processing unit PC Panasonic CF-19 with IBIS-FS operational software