Defender Antibacterial Protection

A modular panel system that provides a new standard in hygiene

The Defender Antibacterial Protection system provides safety and protection in environments that should have a high level of hygiene. The system is composed of modular panels which have a special surface that immediately counteracts microbial proliferation. This surface contains an additive that is inserted during production whose active components are able to prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and fungi.

Defender Antibacterial Protection

The agents used destroy the cell membrane of the pathogens, blocking respiration and cell nutrition and consequently disrupting cell division. Independent tests, performed according to the ISO 22196 standard, have shown that proliferation of bacteria on the panel surface is reduced by 99.96% for S.aureus and 99.99% for E.coli. These results are considered excellent in the healthcare area and therefore provide a high level of civil protection.

The Defender Bacterial Protection system is based on the Defender system of lightweight building panels which can be quickly deployed as modular panels or in the form of prefabricated units. The panels offer a high level of flexibility, being able to provide fire protection as well as thermal and acoustic insulation. The outer layers can be provided with a variety of textures to help them blend into their surroundings or to create a more natural and pleasing appearance.

Pelta Protections Systems is a joint venture between Ingegneria Dei Sistemi S.p.A. (IDS), which has over 30 years’ experience of producing electromagnetic engineering solutions and services for both civil and defense applications, and Acell Industries Ltd. which has produced fire resistant foams and composite panels for building applications for over 25 years.

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Hospitals & Clinics
Hospitals, medical centers and temporary first aid positions
Food Industry
Food industry establishments such as preparation, packaging and storage facilities
Health and fitness centers

Defender Antibacterial Protection - Main Benefits

Requires no maintenance

Guaranteed for 5 years

Effectiveness unaffected by normal cleaning

Defender Antibacterial Protection  – TECHNICAL SHEET

  • Can be used or stored in the harshest of field conditions and the most inclement of weather
  • High level of flexibility with the ability to incorporate additional layers such as RFID systems, acoustic sensors and antennas
  • A wide range of finishes allow the system to be integrated in the surrounding environment

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