e-TOD Suite

An integrated system to acquire, validate and manage airport, terrain and obstacle data in accordance with ICAO Annex 15

The IDS e-TOD (electronic Terrain and Obstacle Data-set) Suite is an AIM (aeronautical information management) solution designed to manage airport, terrain and obstacle data, ensuring compliance with international data quality requirements (ICAO Annex 15).

Electronic Terrain and Obstacle Data

Primarily for use by civil and military Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) and airports, its main functionalities include data import, validation, management, reporting and processing, and making all elements available for data dissemination (including obstacle chart construction and delivery).

The Terrain and Obstacle Database (TOD) and the Airport Mapping Data Base (AMDB) are able to support all activities and provide a common basis either to perform aeronautical charting or to design airspace and flight procedures within the IDS FPDAM interactive environment.

e-TOD is a modular system, parts of which can be used standalone while others can be integrated with the IDS Aeronautical Suite.


Airport, terrain and obstacle

eTOD Main Applications

Obstacle and terrain data have been catalogued and published in several different ways, with different methodologies and responsibilities over the years in different countries.

The improvement in technology led industry to ask for new requirements for digital terrain and obstacle data which integrated requirements for airport data information. ICAO replied with new requirements for TOD data which were published in Annex 15 Amendment 33 and 36.

eTOD will help different organizations to manage and maintain airport and human made data in a secure and controlled way for the next processing and dissemination.

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e-TOD - Main Benefits

Data loading does not require any conversion

It takes just a few minutes to read the source files and then, due to rapid data processing, can finish data obstacle assessment in 2-3 hours

On-line checks against reference criteria (ICAO, ADQ ,AIXM)

The only ICAO Annex 14 and 4 design system to be fully integrated in a complete AIS/AIM suite

Full integration within the IDS suite of products enables the EUROCONTROL Aeronautical Data Quality (ADQ) mandate to be respected


  • Obstacle and AMDB (Airport Mapping Data Base) data import/export from/to many formats (ASCII file, AIXM , vector file , KML)
  • Obstacle and AMDB data management
  • Terrain data management (BT, DTED, GEOTIFF format)
  • Data validation against standard and custom rules
  • Display data in 2D/3D environments
  • Sketch production
  • Obstacle and terrain assessment against ICAO Annex 14 and 4 surfaces
  • What if analysis
  • ICAO obstacle and terrain chart production and management

The e-TOD Suite is composed of four modules:

e-TOD Data Manager: A standalone module which can manage the entire dataflow and lifecycle of airport, terrain and obstacle data. This includes validation, integration, import, conflict resolution, data delivery etc.

e-TOD Surface Design: In conjunction with the IDS AeroDB database e-TOD Surface Design provides the tools to design ICAO annex 4 & 14 surfaces and ICAO Annex 15 collection areas by linking all airport related features and performing the related TOD assessment.

e-TOD Charting: Provides all the necessary tools to extract obstacle and terrain information needed to create obstacle and terrain charts type A and B, as well as Precision approach terrain charts.

e-TOD LUA: The standalone e-TOD Land Use Assessment module is e-TOD’s dedicated module for managing the process by which obstacles are planned, notified, surveyed and published.

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