FlySecur is a fixed-wing UAV

FlySecur is a fixed-wing UAV designed to perform security roles such as surveillance, monitoring and reconnaissance. However it can also be employed in emergency management and providing coverage of sports events that take place over large areas such as car and boat races.

FlySecur is able to fly silently and to automatically circle a target while the ability to install a 360° infrared camera enables it to film and fly at night. Video data, as well as all telemetry data is transmitted to the ground station and registered in real time.

FlySecur can take-off either manually or using a launch ramp and then has an endurance of 30 minutes.

Equipped with a return to base function, a parachute and a flight termination feature in, FlyBit is extremely safe, especially as it is able to continue flying with up to two engines out of use (not on the same arm). It can be flown in automatic, GPS or manual mode with the pilot able to intervene at any time if necessary.

to discover more about this product, please visit FlySecur page on FlyTop website.

FlyTop provides micro and mini unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with both fixed and rotary wings. The various models are specifically designed for hi-end photogrammetric and for mapping and surveillance applications. These UAVs supplement the IDS range of unmanned systems and enable the IDS group to offer a
fuller range of options to the market. In collaboration with ENAC authorized partners, FlyTop also offers theoretical and practical training courses to UAV pilots.

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