FlySmart 2.0

FlySmart 2.0 is a lightweight multi-rotor UAV

FlySmart 2.0 UAV

FlySmart 2.0 is a lightweight multi-rotor UAV that is simple to use in either manual or automatic mode and which enables operational costs to be kept to a minimum. It is fully foldable and has a high quality carbon frame that can support either a 20Mpx camera or a compact sensor. FlySmart 2.0 provides an increased flight time over the previous FlySmart as well as a reduction in maintenance needs.

FlySmart 2.0 only needs a single operator and can automatically perform pre-set missions which strictly follow a flight plan until landing, although the pilot can intervene at any time. In total there are three flight modes, manual, automatic and GPS, with the manual mode being aided by automatic stabilization controls that ensure both the quality and the safety of the flight.

Equipped with a return to base function, a parachute and a flight termination feature in, FlyBit is extremely safe, especially as it is able to continue flying with up to two engines out of use (not on the same arm). It can be flown in automatic, GPS or manual mode with the pilot able to intervene at any time if necessary.

to discover more about this product, please visit FlySmart 2.0 page on FlyTop website.

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fuller range of options to the market. In collaboration with ENAC authorized partners, FlyTop also offers theoretical and practical training courses to UAV pilots.

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