A powerful AIM suite for structured static and dynamic aeronautical data management, translation and distribution

IAS, IDS AeroDB Suite, lies at the heart of IDS’s integrated aeronautical information management (AIM) suite and supports AIM organizations in aeronautical data management. It provides a central aeronautical database (AeroDB) and a set of rule driven translation tools to import and export data. It supports the transition from AIS to AIM by providing structured static and dynamic aeronautical data management while maintaining the concept of time dependent data.


IAS is a set of software applications that allows data management in AeroDB and provides AIS providers with fast and safe methods of importing and exporting electronic aeronautical data to and from AeroDB as well as methods for the maintenance (extraction, updating and deletion) of aeronautical feature data and their attributes. It is compatible with EUROCONTROL’s AICM/AIXM (4.5 & 5.1), ARINC 424, DAFIF and ICAO standards while rule driven tools allow the user to define rules to import or export any other data format. All data is digitally validated by a rule based data set validation engine and files can be compared to identify and therefore resolve any inconsistencies prior to generating fixed or merged output files.


Static & Dynamic aeronautical data
management, translation and distribution
IAS Main Applications

IAS provides aeronautical data management and distribution (internal and external) in accordance with ADQ requirements. It is Oracle based and stores all the aeronautical data used for design and production activities such as flight procedure design, airspace design, publishing and charting.

The AeroDB stores production level data relevant to:

  • airports
  • procedures
  • routes
  • airspaces
  • navaids
  • waypoints

and all related features, including timesheets.

It is therefore the ideal solution for users of aeronautical data including:

  • Air navigation service providers
  • Civil aviation authorities
  • Air force agencies
  • Airports
  • Airlines
  • Aeronautical cartographic and mapping companies

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IAS - Main Benefits

Combines standard format support with a good flexibility, adapting to an organization’s specific needs

Centralized aeronautical data storage aids with the maintenance of aeronautical data

Flexibility allows a smooth transition to standard formats (e.g. AIXM)

EUROCONTROL’s AICM/AIXM, ARINC and ICAO standards compatibility

Automatic data validation with data integrity assured, as required by ICAO standard, via cyclical redundancy checks (CRC)

Data change control and tracking

Full integration with the IDS AIM suite, offering applications such as workflow management as well as AIP and chart production

The integrated nature of IDS’s AIS/AIM solutions ensures full compliancy with the ICAO mandate for data quality as well as EUROCONTROLS Aeronautical Data Quality (ADQ) mandate


  • A centralized, AIXM 5.1 based, extensible Aeronautical Database (AeroDB)
  • Full time dependency and data staging management
  • Metadata management
  • European AIS Database (EAD) interface and compatibility with EUROCONTROL’s AICM/AIXM;
  • Data integrity control based on the CRC32Q algorithm
  • GIS engine for data visualization and analysis
  • Tabular and geographical interfaces for aeronautical data visualization and editing
  • Advanced and fully configurable validation engine for automatic validation of business rules
  • Full data change traceability and history management along with a user friendly and configurable reporting environment
  • Rule based validation engine for data sets

IAS is composed of the following modules:

  • Translators is a group of tools for the import and export of digital data files to or from AeroDB in any of the following formats:
    • AIXM 4.5 (snapshot\update)
    • AIXM 5.1 (baseline)
    • ARINC 424-19
    • ASCII (including CSV)
    • Custom XML or ASCII formats (rules based mapping definition)
  • Aerocatalog – a document repository which stores and catalogs documents, charts and templates
  • SpecMan – database structuring and maintenance tools which allow the customization of record or table schemas to meet the unique requirements of a user’s aeronautical feature data format and layout
  • GFeaMan – Geographic Feature Manager provides aeronautical data management and presentation within a GIS environment

RepMan – Report Manager provides functionalities for the development and presentation of data reports and statistics

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