short-range multi-rotor UAV

Novex a short-range multi-rotor UAV

NOVEX a Mini Hexacopter RPAS

Novex is a short-range multi-rotor UAV designed for its flexibility of use. It is lightweight, reliable and simple to use with flight being controlled either manually, automatically or via GPS. It can use either a two axis or a three axis gimbal and can mount a variety of sensors including cameras, camcorders, thermal cameras and hyper-spectral, multi-spectral or Lidar sensors.

Once in the air, Novex strictly follows a flight plan (unless interrupted by the pilot), allowing it to acquire information at a specific frame rate and speed and therefore enabling it to perform high quality aero-photogrammetric and precision agriculture surveys.

Equipped with a return to base function, a parachute and a flight termination feature in, Novex is extremely safe, especially as it is able to continue flying with up to two engines out of use (not on the same arm). It can be flown in automatic, GPS or manual mode with the pilot able to intervene at any time if necessary.

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