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Assessment of electromagnetic fields inside the Communication Module of a Telecom Satellite

D.Birrek, G.Guida, D.Marley, F.Marliani, S.Marra, V.Martorelli

Abstract: The paper describes the evaluation of the internal electromagnetic fields in overmoded regime inside the telecommunications satellite SGEO. The sources taken into account are the leakages due to both the internal high power transmit chains and the external antennas fields coupled to the internal cavities by means of the numerous apertures present in the satellite skin. The evaluation of the antenna fields has been performed using the GTD and the PTD modules of Antenna Design Framework - Electromagnetic Satellite (ADF-EMS). The internal field computation has been performed with IDSOCT, a code integrated in ADF-EMS based on the Oversized Cavity Theory (OCT). All the transfer functions between sources and internal fields have been computed for easier evaluation of possible mitigations.

Published on ESA WORKSHOP on AEROSPACE, Venezia, Italy, May 21 – 23, 2012