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Horus Tactical Moving Map System

Horus integrates tactical moving map software with cutting-edge EO/IR turrets in a state-of-the-art touch-screen display with advanced sensor-data fusion technologies. Mission Computer and Smart Display are the available configurations.

Once installed onboard an aircraft or helicopter equipped with EO/IR sensors, the system will allow the Tactical Flight Officer (TFO) to take advantage of many interactive map control and visualization functions including:

  • Interface with and image control of various EO/IR turret suppliers:
    • ◦ Full video or moving map
    • ◦ Picture-by-picture with moving map
    • ◦ Picture-in-picture with moving map *
  • Camera/sensor footprint/point of impact overlaid on the map
  • Point and click gimbal control
  • Recording and playback of video from airborne cameras including support for video metadata
  • Augmented reality visualization:
    • ◦ EO/IR video overlaid with geo-referenced vector data and labels
    • ◦ EO/IR video overlaid with a synthetic mesh of the terrain and labels
    • ◦ Synthetic video overlaid with geo-referenced data and labels
  • Street and parcel maps including street and address lookup capabilities
  • External system interface:
    • ◦ AIS transponder
    • ◦ ADS-B transponder
    • ◦ Direction finder
    • ◦ Data Link
    • ◦ Weather   SAR radar *
    • ◦ Direction finder *
    • ◦ FMS *
Horus Street Map

Horus Street Map

Features and Applications

In addition to the previously mentioned map control and visualization functions, the Horus software includes a number of special features which enhance mission situational awareness and have been designed for use in a variety of operational scenarios including:

  • Firefighting and Forestry Protection: Horus can provide fire and incident mapping as well as map marker (pin) functions
  • Search and Rescue and Civil Protection: the Horus software includes standard SAR patterns as well as dynamic circular search areas
  • Maritime Patrol: in addition to the aforementioned features Horus can handle drift waypoints for tracking ships (through their AIS transponders) as well as offer maritime incident mapping
  • Law Enforcement: law enforcement agencies can benefit from many of the above features as well as the ability to provide speed readouts and real-time video dissemination via data link
Horus Map Markers

Horus Map Markers


  • Mission computer or all-in-one smart display unit configurations
  • Best-in-class Moving Map
  • Up to three displays handling (TFO, pilot and cabin crew)
  • Many software capabilities not provided by any other single product
  • Competitive with respect to other similar systems on the market due to the use of highly integrated and technologically advanced components
  • Support for a wide range of gyro-stabilized EO/IR turrets
  • Also suitable for retro-fitting on old analog systems
  • Highly adaptable and modifiable to better meet specific future customer needs
Horus Terrain Above Elevation Map

Horus Terrain Above Elevation Map


* Planned future upgrades