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EM Academy

Training in Electromagnetic Engineering

Professional training in Electromagnetic Engineering

IDS Electromagnetic Engineering Academy
The IDS EM Academy provides competitive and professional training in electromagnetic engineering.

By investing in our products and EM Academy services, our customers can access a complete set of “how-to” training based on the practical “everyday work” knowledge that IDS has gained in solving similar kinds of problems in over 30 years of consulting in electromagnetic applications.

The EM Academy doesn’t just provide “code-dependent” training as is the case of services provided by software vendors, or “guideline” training as is often obtainable from consulting companies. Instead our experts are committed to sharing their experience in solving the type of real problems that they have faced during their extensive industrial experience.

Basic theory, engineering workflows and good practices, as well as the well balanced use of simulation and testing, normative interpretation and applications, risk management, pros and cons of different approaches, points of attention and useful tricks are all explained by referring to real cases. Face to face learning, training on simulation tools and instrumentation testing can be concurrently applied to support course attendees in attaining higher levels of professional knowledge.

The only source of knowledge is experience

[A.  Einstein]

Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice

[A.  Chekov]

EM Academy Lesson
An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

[B. Franklin]

The IDS EM Academy offers 3 main types of services

Catalogue training

a list of pre-scheduled training courses whose contents, while being continuously updated, are general and not specifically focused on customer requests

Short, online training courses

 a list of pre-scheduled short and basic training courses conducted online. Online training is focused on a single topic with a typical duration of 90 minutes

Training on demand

the training contents, duration, and the hands-on sessions are all designed to satisfy specific customer requirements

EM Academy Programs

The EM Academy 2017-2018 services will cover the following topics:

Numerical methods in electromagnetics. Method selection, best practice and working procedures.

  • EMC/EMI for aeronautical applications
  • EMC/EMI for space applications
  • EMC for automotive applications
  • Antenna placement optimization
  • Radome analysis and support for qualification
  • HIRF and Indirect Effect of Lightning – theory, modelling and testing synergy
  • Space charging (surface, deep) – the problems and the solutions
  • Passive InterModulation Products (PIM) – the problem and mitigation techniques
  • Signature control and optimization for aeronautical platforms
  • Signature control and optimization for naval platforms
  • Near-field RCS measurements for aeronautical applications
  • Near-field RCS measurements for naval applications
  • Design of metasurface antennas
  • Large array (phased, reflect, leaky waves array etc.) analysis and design

Classes of on-demand training

Expertise transfer
training is intended to transfer our expertise on the topics included in the training program. Best practice procedures are illustrated with examples that exemplify real-life problems
On-the-job training
after an initial phase of expertise transfer aimed at establishing a common language and sharing working procedures, the training focuses on real customer problems.

More Info

The EM academy services can be provided at customer premises or at:

  • IDS facilities located in Pisa and Rome
  • IDS subsidiary locations (UK, Australia, Korea, Canada, Brazil)
  • IDS partners’ locations (USA, Korea, China, India)
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