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Electromagnetic Training Service

Electromagnetic Training Courses

IDS Electromagnetic Engineering Academy

More than ever, electromagnetic engineering (EME) is becoming one of the major factors in the development cycle of products and services. Automotive and internet of things (IoT) applications are just two of the industrial areas, among many others, where the capability to apply electromagnetic (EM) engineering to the design, testing and certification is essential to gain effective competitiveness in today’s market.

IDS’s experience in electromagnetic engineering began in the early 1980’s, performing naval EMC design work in collaboration with the Italian Navy.  Along the years, our experience has extended to aeronautical and space platforms, low signature engineering, antenna design, EM measurement systems and support for certification.

This well of knowledge, best practices and working procedures is the cornerstone of our consulting and training services.

By investing in our products and EM Academy services, our customers can access a complete set of “how-to” training based on the practical “everyday work” knowledge that IDS has gained in solving similar kinds of problems in over 30 years of consulting in electromagnetic applications.

Our training services don’t just provide “code-dependent” training as is the case of services provided by software vendors, or “guideline” training as is often obtainable from consulting companies. Instead, our services are intended to empower your design flow, to leverage the synergy with testing, and to optimize your certification phase by cutting the cost of re-designs and reducing your time to market.

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