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About Us

IDS, a company belonging to Fincantieri NexTech, is an engineering and systems technologies company providing research, innovation and products in Electromagnetic Engineering, Satellite Communications, Robotics & Unmanned Systems and Radar fields for civil and defense applications. Since 1980 IDS has specialized in providing consulting services for high-tech engineering projects and in developing integrated solutions.

IDS has a strong customer focus and is committed to meeting customer requirements with high quality innovative solutions.

IDS is an international company with around 250 professional employees worldwide who are mostly graduated in electronic, telecommunications and aerospace engineering.

IDS’s headquarters are in Pisa, Italy with several offices in the Country and has a strong international attitude with four subsidiary companies located in UK, Australia, Canada and South Korea.

The international presence helps IDS to be closer to the clients and to provide better, localized, services and support.


IDS aims at becoming a national and international leader in designing and developing high technology solutions for the selected defense and civil market sectors.  The highly skilled work force is fully motivated to meeting customer needs and to guaranteeing stakeholders that IDS will grow from strength to strength, increasing the company’s resources and market position with a robust ethic code.


A History of providing high technology

We approach solution design by combining technology with our engineering expertise to produce innovative and streamlined workflows that ensure reliable and effective solutions.

Our strength is in being more than just a partner

Our customer’s evolving needs are the driver for the continuous innovation.

Preparing for tomorrow’s challenges

Engineering expertise is at the heart of IDS, ensuring we stay ahead of the game in term of complex problem solving and technical excellence.

The History of IDS

IDS Ingegneria Dei Sistemi was founded in 1980 with the intention to create an engineering center of excellence. During the first ten years after being established, IDS focused on the area of defense, specifically in the area of electromagnetic engineering centered on naval applications, and employed around 40 staff.

From 1990 to 2000, IDS continued offering engineering solutions, developing integrated hardware and software systems that improved the efficiency of clients’ work processes. IDS expanded its areas of business to include solutions for air traffic management and ground probing radar systems for civil applications. The organization grew further almost tripling the staff, 80% of whom were engineers and physicists qualified to university degree level.

In the two decades from 2000 and 2020, IDS became a global industry player, developing and launching innovative and cutting-edge products on to the global market. IDS opened subsidiaries in four continents across the world.

Recent history has seen IDS investing in new areas of engineering, developing new radar systems for safety and security and a range of unmanned systems. In 2021 IDS became a Fincantieri Nextech company.

The IDS headquarters in Pisa now employs around 200 people, and a further 50 are employed worldwide. With a modern headquarters that has areas dedicated to design, experimentation, testing and production covering 7000 square meters, IDS has the capabilities to become a major industrial player in its chose fields.

Work With Us

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Ethics & Governance

Our activities are carried out in compliance with the law, internal regulations and professional ethics, and we adopted a set of policies and guidelines that support us at any time, contained in the specific sections of this website. All activities of the Group are in compliance with the principles of the international conventions (such as the 1997 OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions) and in strict adherence to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Reporting Violations To The Oversight Board / anti-corruption function (Whistleblowing)

it is possible to send reports with or without registration. The platform is a channel adequate to ensure the confidentiality of the data entered by the whistleblower, in compliance with the requirements of the Law no. 179/2017 (“Whistleblowing Law”). Use the following link  to access the platform.

Model 231 – Code of Ethics IDS Ingegneria dei Sistemi

Download Code of Ethics IDS Ingegneria dei Sistemi