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GPR Radar for IED Detection

Vehicle mounted IED detection and classification

Minerva is a ground penetrating radar-based integrated protection system for the detection of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), mines and roadside bombs. Its ability to maintain a high detection probability and an extremely low false alarm rate, even at convoy speeds, makes it an ideal tool for mobile military protection, especially of convoys and motorized patrols.

Minerva GPR Radar

Minerva’s sensor suite is integrated with a central processing unit for real-time mapping with IDS automatic target recognition algorithms to aid identification and classification of detected metallic and non-metallic anomalies and to facilitate decision making.

Minerva can be installed on various tactical combat vehicles, including unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs), for deployable, on-the-move route-clearance and convoy safety and protection.

Minerva Applications

Counter Mine
Counter mine operations
To secure important routes and render them for safe transport.
Convoy & force protection
VIP Security
VIP Protection

Minerva GPR Main Benefits

Superior performance-to-price ratio

Simple to use

All weather operation, day and night and in low visibility conditions

Can be installed on manned vehicles and on UGVs

Greater mobility due to no need to mechanically adjust the antenna height to track the ground surface

High detection speed and High reliability

Low false alarm rate

Can be integrated with other route clearance systems

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Minerva is a product of IDS’s past experience in developing and manufacturing market leading GPR systems and its expertise in radar systems and antenna design.


Dimensions (1 antenna module) ~ 80x80x40 cm
Weight (1 antenna module) < 15 kg
Nominal antenna standoff distance 40 cm
Targets IEDs lying on the surface or buried down to 30-50 cm
Detection width transversal to track 80 cm each module (e.g. 3 modules = 240 cm)
Typical Speed > 15 kph
  • Antenna array with mechanical support (system is configurable from one up to 4 modules)
  • Control and acquisition electronics
  • User interface on “Toughbook”

The user software has 3 operational modes:

RUN Mode

  • On the move data acquisition mode
  • Automatic detection and alarm generation


  • Activated automatically when the vehicle stops (returns to RUN mode when the vehicle moves off)
  • The acquisition systems are active but when the vehicle stops, no data is acquired
  • Useful to analyze data in potentially hazardous situations


  • Provides access to all visualization and analysis modes
  • Ability to view data acquired at any earlier time using a scrollbar
  • IED classification
  • Route clearance operation mapping
  • The system is significantly resilient to external in-band interferences (e.g. communication jamming)
  • Metallic and non-metallic objects can be effectively detected
  • High resolution (ultra-wide bandwidth) enables the production of detailed images of the detected object
  • High dynamic range and high signal stability provides improved sensitivity to detect weak signals in high attenuation soil
  • A low internal system clutter profile enables clean raw data acquisition
  • The user interface provides intuitive and reliable information during real-time acquisition

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