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Black Knight

UAV Detection Radar

A radar-based system for the detection and classification of unmanned aerial vehicles

The Black Knight UAV detection radar provides protection against the hostile or unauthorized use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for both civil protection and military protection. It is a radar-based system that is able to detect and locate both fixed wing and rotorcraft UAVs of Class I (mini or small) and larger. It can either be installed in a fixed location to provide permanent or semi-permanent protection or it can be mounted on a trailer for quick to set up mobile use. Black Knight, developed by IDS, a high tech integrated solutions and services company, provides full 360° coverage, day or night, as well as in adverse weather conditions.

BLACK KNIGHT UAV Detection Radar

The Black Knight radar system can also incorporate an optional EO/IR turret and a multiband jammer. These additions, which are fully integrated as part of the system, provide enhancements to the tracking and identification capabilities of the system as well as a countermeasure option for full safety and protection.

Black Knight can help to provide protection and security in a number of environments, both civil and military. It can be used to detect and locate the unauthorized or unsafe use of UAVs in controlled airspace or potentially dangerous situations and can also provide defense against hostile uses of UAVs.

Black Knight UAV Detection Radar Applications

Building Protection
Airport, Government Buildings (ministries, embassies, etc.)
Critical Infrastructure
Protection of oil, gas and electricity facilities, dams and transport hubs
Public Event Security
VIP appearance, public and major sporting events, gatherings
Military Protection
Forward operating bases, military airfields, convoys and motorized patrols

Black Knight UAV Detection Radar Main Benefits

Full 24/7 coverage, the radar operates day and night, as well as in adverse environmental conditions including dust, rain, snow and fog

Quick to set up whether in a fixed location or on a vehicle/trailer

Multi-target radar tracking

Capability to detect, identify and neutralize hostile UAVs all in a single system

Download the radar-based Black Knight UAV detector

A radar based system for detection and classification of Class I
(mini or small) and larger UAVs

Black Knight UAV Detection Radar TECHNICAL SHEET

  • Detection of Class I (< 150kg, mini and small) UAVs or larger
  • Multiple target detection
  • Threat classification
    • Type of UAV: fixed or rotary wing
    • Velocity measurement
    • Measurement of hovering rotary wing UAVs based on propeller Doppler
    • Measurement of radar cross section
  • Multi-target tracking radar (multi target Track While Scan (TWS) – 2D)
  • Detection probability: 90%
  • Detection of mini-class UAVs at up to 2 km (larger UAVs can be detected further out)
  • Optical/Thermal tracking within a range of 1 km
  • Neutralization > 1 km
  • 360° coverage
  • Maximum operational weight < 100 kg meaning that the system is:
    • transportable
    • vehicle integrable
    • mountable on a trailer
  • Independent power supply

The Black Knight UAV detection and location system consists of:

  • X-band Radar
  • Command Console
  • Power Supply Unit
  • EO/IR Camera * (for enhanced identification and tracking)
  • RF Jammer * (to provide a countermeasure that affects the UAV’s command and control, data communication and navigation systems)
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