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Post processing software for radar cross section

Powerful post processing software for radar cross section (RCS) measurement systems

OSCAR is a powerful post processing software tool that enables easy manipulation of RCS measurement data within a structured framework. It provides optimized working procedures to post-process and calibrate data obtained from IDS’s near-field measurement system, RCSMS, or IDS’s offshore measurement system, NADIR as well as from alternative generic RCS measurement systems. It can simply transform an electromagnetic data collection, acquired in either near-field or pseudo far-field conditions, into a calibrated RCS.

Main Features

Radar Cross Section
post processing software
Post processing software for radar cross section

OSCAR can process various different types of input data including 3D, 2D and 1D, ISAR and SAR, and also frequency sweep versus acquisition time. From a near-field acquisition it can generate far-field-like radar images in 2D or 3D to highlight the main scattering center and can also evaluate a far-field-like RCS.

OSCAR supports the user through all the processing steps allowing saving, reloading and modification of all the computational steps, both the workflow and the results achieved. It also allows the user to define the appropriate processing template.

Oscar Main Applications

OSCAR can be used in synergy with the IDS measurement systems NADIR and RCSMS to provide post processing of radar data. It can also be used to increase the processing capabilities of other RCS near field measurement facilities. In this latter case IDS is able to interface the data formats used.

Oscar Main Benefits

OSCAR allows the user to easily obtain a lot of different outputs in just a few steps

Starting from a near-field geometrical scan, it is possible to generate a far-field-like radar image for diagnostic purposes, as well as a far-field-like RCS

A powerful navigation tree enables a GUI with a high level of user friendliness ensuring that post processing steps and related outputs are perfectly defined

User defined automatic procedures are essential to standardize the post processing workflow, hence OSCAR aids the user by performing template definition through the GUI

Specific functions such as statistical compression, and definition and assessment of the RCS requirement, are provided as engineering tools


  • Efficient, parallel and accurate focusing algorithm, to generate far-field-like radar images
  • Evaluation of far-field-like RCS, starting from far-field-like radar images of the target
  • Requirements definition and performance assessment
  • IFFT and FFT processing;
  • Image gating to remove unwanted contributions due to clutter, supporting structures, zero Doppler etc.
  • Statistical analysis of RCS results
  • Motion compensation and analysis of the dynamics of the target for offshore measurements

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