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Materials characterization

IDS provides measurement services for the electromagnetic properties of standard and smart materials at RF and microwave frequencies

As part of our range of electromagnetic (EM) services and consulting IDS provides measurement services of the EM properties for standard and smart materials at RF and microwave frequencies. Measurement is a major part of electromagnetic engineering, providing knowledge of the performance of existing systems as well as enabling the verification and validation of new designs.

material characterization service

With the increasing use of systems that rely on various electromagnetic properties, from mobile satellite communications to driverless cars and the internet of things, EM materials measurement is becoming ever more important.

Main Features

Dielectric and Magnetic constant
Transmission and reflection coefficient
Surface Resistance

Material Characterization Main Benefits

Test solutions are designed to be integrated into a platform’s life cycle, saving time and money in the testing phases

Tailored to respond to the customer’s most challenging requirements

Highly integrated with EM prediction software codes and real-time processing for fast and reliable results in the design/manufacturing cycle

Effective and proven capability to fully develop measurement solutions in-house

Development of specialized “prototype systems” or dedicated setups

Main Applications

Knowledge of the RF and microwave properties of materials is crucial to properly design and utilize a component or system to be used in the radar and telecommunications domains. It is also crucial to understand the propagation of EM waves in complex media (soil and man-made structures etc.). The key parameters that need to be evaluated are the complex dielectric constant (i.e. permittivity) and conductivity, though for certain applications other parameters could also be of interest such as:

  • Permeability
  • Transfer impedance
  • Shielding effectiveness
  • Reflectivity (i.e. backscattering)

Most of these parameters relate not only to a simple material test (i.e. bulk property of the material), but also to an item made out of the material itself, resulting in the need for RCS or EMC/EMI tests.

IDS provides services for the assessment of material properties in terms of backscattering, shielding effectiveness and bulk properties (i.e. complex permittivity) for a wide range of materials (e.g. solids, liquids, granular, mixtures, dielectric, conductive, nano-materials and meta-materials) and frequencies. The possible test frequencies start at a few kHz and go up to 50 GHz.

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