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Hostile Fire Locator - Counter Mortar

A radar-based solution to detect and locate hostile mortar and rocket fire

HFL-CM is a radar-based solution to provide warning of parabolic fire, providing critical time to clear the target zone. In addition to detecting projectiles in flight, HFL-CM automatically calculates the point of impact and the point of launch, enabling prompt action to be taken to immediately counter the hostile fire.

HFL-CM Counter Mortar radar

As HFL-CM is radar based, it overcomes some of the limitations of alternative acoustic solutions. It is unaffected by high background noise or acoustic echoes in urban environments and can be operated at night and in low visibility conditions such as smoke, dust, rain and fog.

Making use of its versatile modular architecture HFL-CM can be configured to provide safety and protection in a fixed location or on the move mounted on a vehicle. It can also be integrated with an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV). The individual radar modules have an azimuth coverage of either 60° or 120° and up to six of them can be combined to provide full 360° coverage. HFL-CM’s modularity allows different mission types to be performed, from FOB protection to convoy defense, and also reduces maintenance and logistic requirements.

HFL-CM Applications

Protection of military or civilian convoys
FOB Protection
Protection of fixed positions such as forward operating bases and airfields
Government buildings
ministries, embassies, etc.
Critical infrastructure
Protection of oil, gas and electricity facilities, dams and transport hubs

HFL-CM Mortar Detection Radar Main Benefits

Early warning of incoming mortar or rocket projectiles

Superior performance-to-price ratio

Increases the level of safety for personnel and equipment

Lightweight and easy to deploy, transport and maintain

All weather operation, day and night and in low visibility conditions

Immune to battlefield and urban environment noises and echoes (unlike acoustic reliant systems)

Immune to silencers and cannot be deceived by sniper tactics, camouflage or equipment

Estimates POL and POI coordinates, allowing targeted countermeasures

Measures radial speed, azimuth, elevation and range

Estimates a projectile’s trajectory

High reliability (98% probability of detection and quasi-zero false alarms due to the use of purposely designed and built radar sensors)

Intrinsically multi-target

Download HFL-CM Mortar Detection Radar Brochure

IDS has developed HFL-CM, a solution based on X-band radar technology to provide warning of parabolic fire, providing critical time to clear the target zone.


  • Non-rotating AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Array) radar
  • Interoperable with common ISTAR systems and onboard equipment
  • Quick response time (<3 sec from threat detection to source location)
  • Compact and mobile, can be installed in a fixed location or mounted on a vehicle or UGV for tactical applications
  • Measures radial speed, azimuth, elevation and range
  • Estimates a projectile’s trajectory
  • Estimates the source of fire
  • Automatic threat classification (mortar, rocket)
  • Detects both subsonic and supersonic ballistic projectiles
  • Performance doesn’t degrade in case of subsonic projectiles
Threat Types Mortars and Rockets
Frequency Band X Band
Radar Power Supply 36 VDC
Interface Power Connection 220V AC
Gigabit Ethernet
Operating Conditions All Weather Conditions
Computed Output Alarm on Threat Detection
POL (Point Of Launch)
POI (Point Of Impact)
Azimuth Coverage 360°
Elevation Coverage 80°
Dimensions – Diameter 1600mm
Dimensions – Height 500mm
Weight 120kg
Azimuth Coverage 120° (360° with 3 Modules)
Elevation Coverage 60°
Dimensions – Lenght 540mm
Dimensions – Width 430mm
Dimensions – Height 370mm
Weight 20kg

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