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Obstacle Detection Radar

Obstacle Detection System for Level Crossings

Sirio-LX is an automatic radar-based system for railway safety, designed to prevent trains from colliding with obstacles on the track at level crossings. It uses short range high resolution radar to detect objects that enter the area before or while the gates are closing and provides a warning to approaching trains via the existing signaling system.

Sirio-LX Obstacle Detection on Railway lines and level crossing

Operational in any weather condition, including fog, rain and snow, Sirio-LX provides good discrimination between different types of object. These include vehicles, motorbikes and bicycles as well as pedestrians, and detection is possible whether stationary or moving.

Sirio-LX has a very high mean time to failure (MTBF) and has been designed to ensure the highest level of safety standard (SIL4, CENELEC 50129) therefore providing a high level of safety and protection for users of level crossings as well as rail passengers.

STARS Railway Systems is a consortium that has been formed by IDS and Intecs that was founded to develop and manufacture radar based safety systems for railways. Currently, this includes Sirio-LX which is an automatic system to prevent trains from colliding with obstacles on the track at level crossings and Sirio-OD for the automatic detection of objects which have fallen on to railway tracks in high-risk zones such as near overpasses, tunnels and areas prone to landslides.

Sirio-LX Applications

Level Crossing
at level crossing for detection of cars, pedestrians, bicycles and motorbikes

Sirio-LX Main Benefits

Low maintenance costs

Provides automatic detection and warning of objects at the level crossing

interface directly with railway signaling and communicate with monitoring data from remote systems, allowing any location to receive real-time data and video of the monitored area.

Works effectively in any weather, even in harsh conditions, day and night

Download Sirio-LX Brochure

The automatic radar-based system for preventing trains from colliding with obstacles
on the track at level crossings. It has been designed to ensure the highest level of safety standard


  • Flexible: Observes a parallelogram shaped area with configurable angles and size
  • Modular: Up to 4 radar sensors can be used in the same installation site  overing all geometries of level crossing
  • Performance: Reaction time is only 3 sec
  • Reliable: MTBF > 10 years
  • Diagnostic Video Camera: Video (closed circuit TV) transmission when obstacle detection occurs for system diagnostic purposes
Minimum Detectable Obstacle Sphere of 60 cm diameter
Obstacle Materials Any
Reliability MTBF > 10 years
Safety Requirements CENELEC 50129, SIL 4
Reaction Time 3 sec

The basic configuration is 1 radar and 1 outdoor cabinet.

Radar Sensor:

  • Obstacle detection
  • Communicates with the cabinet through RS485

Corner Reflector:

  • Sensor diagnostic functions


  • Interfaces with signaling through relays
  • Provides power to the radar sensor
  • Records video of the monitored area
  • Transmits information to the remote control system

Remote Control Terminal:

  • Receives all information about the status of the level crossing via LAN or GSM-R
  1. SIL4
  2. CENELEC 50129

Pistoia, July 1st 2016 – DITECFER, the Tuscan organization for high speed rail and safety technologies has named Stars – Railway Systems as one of the three winners of “DITECFER Leaders in Railway Innovation 2016”

The Siro-LX system for monitoring and detecting obstacles in the vicinity of level crossings was awarded second place in the competition, which recognizes the most promising innovations with a TRL>6 by railway technology companies belonging to the organization.

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