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Obstacle Detection Radar

Automatic Detection of Obstacles on the Track

Sirio-OD is a radar-based railway safety system for the automatic detection of objects which have fallen on to railway tracks in high-risk zones. This can include areas such as overpasses, tunnel entrances and exits, and zones prone to landslides. Once an object is detected by the radar it alerts the signaling system to warn any oncoming trains, ensuring the safety and protection of passengers onboard. The system has a fast reaction time which is vital for high speed lines.


STARS Railway Systems is a consortium that has been formed by IDS and Intecs that was founded to develop and manufacture radar based safety systems for railways. Currently, this includes Sirio-LX which is an automatic system to prevent trains from colliding with obstacles on the track at level crossings and Sirio-OD for the automatic detection of objects which have fallen on to railway tracks in high-risk zones such as near overpasses, tunnels and areas prone to landslides.


High SpeeD Track
Provides automatic detection and warning of objects on the tracks.
Monitoring Critical Points
Overpasses, bridges, tunnels
High-risk zones
zones prone to landslides

Sirio-OD Main Benefits

Flexible installation for monitoring areas of different shapes

Prevents train accidents by providing an instantaneous alarm to the signaling system

Low maintenance costs

Works effectively in any weather, even in harsh conditions, day and night

Download Sirio-OD Brochure

Sirio-OD is a radar-based system for the automatic detection of objects on railway tracks


  • Highest level of safety: SIL 4 (CENELEC 50129 standards)
  • High Reliability: MTBF > 10 years
  • Train detection (0/350 km/h) to avoid reporting a train as an obstacle
  • Sophisticated self-test procedure
  • Interfaces directly with the railway signaling system
Minimum Detectable Obstacle Sphere of 60 cm diameter
Train Speed Range 0 – 350 km/h
Reliability MTBF > 10 years
Output Interface + 48 Vcc 0.5W, or open close contact
Safety Requirements CENELEC 50129, SIL 4
Power Supply 220 Vac

A Sirio-OD node is composed of 2-4 radar sensors (RSR Radar) and one outdoor cabinet.
It is possible to install more nodes on the track, each node being independent and directly connected to the signaling system. Each node transmits information to a Remote Control Unit via LAN or GSM-R.

  1. SIL4
  2. CENELEC 50129

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