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Galileo Suite

modelling & simulation solution


Its wide range of available solutions enable the user to select the most effective and efficient tool for each phase of the electromagnetic engineering design process and for specific problems:

Galileo Suite Applications

Electromagnetic Design
  • Fast and simple analytic tools that are suitable for use during the preliminary design phase when only partial information with limited accuracy is available, and the design/solution space has to be explored
  • An accurate, efficient and high fidelity simulation approach for detailed design and final verification, which overcomes the limits of standard commercial products
  • Optimized working procedures tailored to specific applications (naval, aerospace and automotive etc.) and problems (arrays, radomes, antenna interaction with plasma, cable analysis, radar and infrared signatures etc.)
  • Tools specifically designed and developed to provide solutions to particular problems (e.g. smart material design, radiated emission and radiated susceptibility in overmoded cavities, and analysis of the scattering from cavities)

All the available products have been validated by extensive physical testing campaigns (using both IDS’s physical testing solutions as well as measured data from research projects), and their efficiency and effectiveness is continuously improved to respond to the more and more demanding requirements of the market (IDS also uses these products in its daily work to perform consultancy services).

Galileo is the only electromagnetic modeling and simulation CAE suite on the market that benefits from the synergy between expertise, experience and best practice that has been matured while performing consultancy services for industrial applications and virtual testing solutions.

Electromagnetic modeling and simulation tool Key Features

  • Validated state-of-the-art modeling tools as a result of collaboration with worldwide universities, research laboratories, governmental authorities and research programs
  • High fidelity modeling using a user friendly CAD environment and full-wave modeling tools that are capable of generating, managing and simulating multiscale meshes with millions of mesh elements in a reasonable time and minimal computational resources (outstanding acceleration methods)
  • A multimethod approach that offers efficient and effective modeling methods for each frequency range, application field and design phase
  • Working procedures, pre-processing and post-processing tools tailored to specific problems and designed for industrial applications

As a result of these features Galileo is the only CAE tool available on the market that covers the gaps between good CAE Maxell equation numerical solvers and professional tools for industrial or research applications on real-life problems as well as (but not only) on complex applications such as in the aerospace, defense, naval, automotive, communication and internet of things fields.

Galileo is a family of highly integrated professional products for industrial applications on real life complex problem, providing a comprehensive suite of CAE tools that give full access to IDS’s high tech integrated solutions and services, technology and experience.

Galileo Suite Modules

Galileo-EMT (ElectroMagnetic Toolkit): A framework integrating a comprehensive set of interoperable solvers based on various modeling techniques, pre-processing, post-processing and highly efficient working procedures, that offers extensive design capabilities in the aerospace, naval, communication, automotive and internet of things application fields (antenna/array design, antenna placement, EMC/EMI, radome analysis, HIRF and lightning risk assessment and mitigation, and antenna/plasma interaction etc.)

Galileo EME (ElectroMagnetic Engineering) PLUS: An integrated environment tailored for the concurrent design, assessment and mitigation of the radar and infrared signatures of components (e.g. antennas, radomes) and complex platforms (e.g. cars, ships, aircraft, unmanned vehicles, satellites and more.

Galileo EME Plus Defence Version: An integrated environment bespoken for the assessment and the optimization of the survivability of military platforms in typical operational scenarios. In addition to the Galileo EME Plus capabilities, it implements specific functions to assess and optimize the performance of Electronic Warfare Systems and to perform the dynamic simulation of the attack of a missile using an infrared or a radar seeker.

Galileo-SMD (Smart Material Designer): A CAE tool specifically developed for the analysis, design and optimization of several types of smart materials (also called engineered materials, metamaterials or metasurfaces), based on periodic or quasi-periodic repetition of sub-wavelength cells.

Galileo-OCT (Oversized Cavity Theory): A CAE tool based on the Oversized Cavity Theory that is specifically designed for the analysis of radiated emission radiated susceptibility (RE/RS) in overmoded cavity environments (avionic bays and satellite cavities etc.).

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