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IDS Subsidiaries

Since its birth in 1980, IDS has grown into a multi-national company with regional offices strategically placed around the globe. Expert regional staff in Italy, United Kingdom, Canada,  Australia and South Korea provide non-stop services and support to our international customer base.

Working in today’s global economy has led to IDS building strong relationships and trust in each country where it has a presence, providing skills, technology and employment at local level, and offering benefits for all our stakeholders.


United Kingdom Flag

IDS United Kingdom

IDS UK is located in Fareham, UK, with a deep specialization in electromagnetic engineering mostly applied to the naval segment for the UK MoD. IDS UK follows UK and the Northern European market.

Canada Flag

IDS North America

IDS North America Is headquartered in Ottawa and has also an office in Montreal. IDS North America has a strong footprint in Canada and in the Caribbean regions with some presence in the United Sates of America.

IDS South Korea

IDS Korea is based in Daejeon and has also an office in Seoul where it provides support and services to local clients in the Korean market. From South Korea IDS follows the far east region including Japan, Taiwan and with some presence in South East Asia.

Australian Flag

IDS Australasia

IDS Australasia is based in Brisbane, Australia, from where it provides IDS solutions, services and support in the Australasia region.

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