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On Board Software Services

Since the early days of flying, most avionics systems have sought to tackle limited visibility in some way as the single most critical factor affecting both the safety and operational performance. Even today, limited visibility and poor situational awareness are considered to be the most common cause of both Controlled Flight Into Terrain and runway accidents.

IDS has developed diverse avionics software frameworks capable of supporting pilots with navigation, aimed at removing poor visibility and ensuring the operational benefits of clear day flight operations irrespective of actual outside visibility conditions. These solutions increase performance while decreasing workload in the cockpit. Examples of software development capabilities are:

  • RTCA/DO-178B Level B Certifiable Digital Moving Map development
  • RTCA/DO-178B Level B Certifiable Synthetic Vision System (SVS) development
  • RTCA/DO-178B Level C Certifiable Terrain Avoidance and Warning System (TAWS) development.