EM Modeling and Simulation

Electromagnetic (EM) modeling and simulation enables those working in the field of electromagnetic engineering to speed up the design process, to reduce the amount of physical testing required and also to reduce their costs.

IDS electromagnetic modeling and simulation software is based on a few key elements:

  • High-fidelity modeling”: the distance between reality and the model is reduced to a minimum as a result of multi-scale algorithms and accurate representative models of complex materials
  • From DC to hundreds of GHz”: due to the availability of a palette of methods (multi-method approach) comprising both time domain (TD) and frequency domain (FD) “full-wave”, “asymptotic” and “statistical” methods
  • Tens of millions of degrees of freedom (DoFs)”: due to the implementation of hardware based acceleration methods (CPU/GPU parallelization) and low complexity algorithms (up to NlogN complexity both on RAM and computational time)
  • Validation”: as a constant activity throughout IDS’s history

Electromagnetic Environmental Effects E3

Radome Modeling

Link Budget

IDS Electromagnetic Integrated Approach

IDS Electromagnetic modeling and simulation software has been developed as a result of long-term application of an “integrated 3 pillar approach”, making it especially suited to resolving challenging industrial requirements:

  • Consulting services (about one thousand consultancies conducted, mainly to large firms and high-technology institutional organizations)
  • Measurements
  • Modeling

IDS Modeling and Simulation Software

Ship EDF
Ship EDF

EM Integrated Framework


RCS and IR Signature


Electromagnetic Control and Survey

Galileo Suite
Galileo Suite

Suite of Electromagnetic Engineering Applications


RCS Post Processing Software

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