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EMACS modules for computational analysis

EMACS is made up of a set of modules each devoted to a specific type of computational analysis or equipment-specific analysis.

Computational analysis

  • Windturbine - Wind Farms impact assessment
  • EMI - Electromagnetic Interference evaluation around CNS equipment
  • MLAT - Airport Multilateration systems performance analysis
  • WAM - Wide Area Multilateration systems performance analyses and simulation
  • ASUV - RNAV performance evaluation

Equipment-specific analysis

  • ILS - Instrument Landing System precision analysis
  • VOR - VHF Omnidirectional Range precision analysis
  • DME - Distance Measuring Equipment precision analysis
  • Radar - Radar systems performance evaluation
  • Ground-Air communications - VHF link analysis

emacs radio

Examples of VOR Radio Coverage Analysis

  • Modular system allows EMACS to grow as an organization’s requirements increase
  • Allows specific types of computational analysis or equipment specific analysis to be performed