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AZIMUTH is a system for assessing the various electromagnetic issues on board a ship. It can be provided in two different configurations:

  • The on-board testing configuration includes all the tools relevant to performing experimental assessment of on-board EMC/EMI
  • The antenna pattern configuration is aimed at the direct measurement of the radiation patterns of the different kinds of antennas installed on-board.

With particular regard to on-board testing, these EM issues include electromagnetic compatibility and interference (EMC/EMI) caused by and affecting various different electronic and antenna systems. Further electromagnetic issues which can be measured by AZIMUTH are hazards from electromagnetic radiation to personnel (HERP), equipment (HERE), ordnance (HERO) and fuel (HERF). AZIMUTH includes software which automates and aids the acquisition of measurements, and provides a real-time display of the measured values as well as a database to store the data. AZIMUTH is easily transportable and can be operated in an outdoor environment.


Each AZIMUTH configuration includes a specific set of hardware.

The on-board testing configuration is comprised of:

  • Handheld spectrum analyzer for frequency selective field measurements
  • Handheld network analyzer for voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR), cable loss and cable fault evaluation
  • Configurable field meter to measure electric and magnetic fields
  • Antenna set for frequency selective near field measurements
  • Wattmeter
  • Ohm meter
  • Current clamp
  • Active and passive rod and loop HF band antenna for field and shielding effectiveness measurements
  • Near field probes

The antenna pattern testing configuration consists of:

  • Set of calibrated test antennas (HF, VHF, UHF and Radar)
  • Spectrum analyzer (as used in the on-board testing)
  • Low noise, high power amplifier
  • On-board and on-shore GPS receivers for time synchronization
  • On-board attitude heading reference system (AHRS)

Post Processing:

The AZIMUTH on-board testing configuration includes a rugged laptop computer featuring a database for storing measurements as well as acquisition and post processing software. This software provides:

  • Data organization and project management functions
  • Real time plot of data/display of signal
  • Off line data viewer
  • File export features

In addition it provides:

  • A graphic user interface to input measurement conditions and results
  • Automatic reference of test locations to a ships CAD drawings (if available)
  • Automatic reference to standard limits/reference values (if applicable)
  • Conversion tools (power to field, voltage to field etc.)

The antenna pattern configuration includes a dedicated control PC with specific software whose main features are:

  • Spectrum analyzer parameterization and control
  • Data logging synchronous with GPS provided time
  • Post processing of AHRS and measurement data to compute antenna patterns


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Example Technical Specifications
Selective/directive EM field measurement bandwidth coverage Up to 20 GHz
Antenna matching and impedance measurement bandwidth coverage Up to 20 GHz
Isotropic EM field measurement bandwidth coverage From a few Hz to 40 GHz