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IR Prediction & Measurement


Infrared (IR) signature defines the appearance of objects to infrared sensors. In the naval field, this signature of ships or naval platforms depends on many factors, including the shape and size of the object, temperature and materials, reflection of external sources from the object's surface, the background against which it is viewed as well as the waveband of the detecting sensor.

The IDS Naval Division has extensive experience in instrumentation, measurement and modeling activities offering innovative IR naval vessel signature solutions.

IDS Ship EDF-IR Prediction system focuses on analyzing the IR sources and predicting possible IR signatures in different environment and operation scenarios, to establish balanced IR signature requirements that are also compliant with design specs.

IDS ZENITH measurement system is the right tool to for assessing the infrared (IR) signature of a moving target at sea and can be used either from the shore or from a helicopter.

IDS Naval Consultancy Services

Complete and reliable IR prediction and measurement depends greatly on the expertise of the user, IDS Naval Division offers IR prediction and measurement services in addition to hardware, software and know-how acquisition. Through well thought-out, organised and managed campaigns, IDS Naval performs IR predictions on new vessels and IR measurements for verification of vessels under construction and in different phases of their lifecycle.

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