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The NADIR Radar system is an outdoor, ground based transportable system targeted to the dynamic measurements of full-scale ships in an in-shore environment.
NADIR Radar system performs:

  • Radar Cross Section;
  • High Resolution Range profiles;
  • ISAR Imaging.

About NADIR:

NADIR Radar is a flexible radar system for use in an inshore environment which is designed to perform dynamic measurements of full-scale ships, for radar cross section (RCS), high resolution range profiles (HRRP), hourglass plots and inverse synthetic aperture radar (ISAR) images. The system is customizable and expandable and only requires a short time to perform an accurate and comprehensive analysis, the acquisition time being limited only by the movement capability and speed of the ship itself. The radar, tracking equipment and the cabin for its operators and control and monitoring equipment is all designed for outdoor use, is self-powered and is fully transportable.

Operation & Performance:

  • Optimized for short range RCS dynamic measurement of naval vessels. When being measured, the ship describes a circular trajectory with a radius of 1-2NM or performs 360° revolutions using its bow thrusters. The ship is tracked by NADIR Radar from a range of 3 to 10 NM using its automatic target tracking capability.
  • Allows very fast operation (5 KHz for 1m range resolution) and provides highly accurate data.
  • Fast to set up and easy to operate due to being designed specifically to measure ships at sea.
  • Includes powerful post processing capabilities integrated in a unique SW tool and database capability.

Composition - System Breakdown:

NADIR Radar consists of three modules which are transportable by a single truck and trailer:

  • The antenna subsystem is mounted on an equipment trailer and includes an RX/TX radar antenna assembly and an elevation over azimuth positioner.
  • The operating shelter houses the positioning, processing and control equipment including the tracking equipment and post processing computers.
  • The on-board subsystem which is carried on the target ship provides GPS and motion data and a radio data link.


  • Short time-to-measure;
  • Accurate range profiling and imaging;
  • Extremely fast waveform generation;
  • Transportability and Operative readiness.


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Measurement System Capabilities
Operational Band 4-18 GHz
TX/RX Polarization HH, VV
Range Resolution 1 m
Cross-range Resolution 1 m (typical)
Ship Tracking Provided by real-time GPS tracking
RF Performance
Waveform (VNA) LFM Chirp
Dynamic Range ≥45 dB for HRRP
≥55 dB for ISAR
NERCS (Noise Equivalent RCS, or minimum detectable RCS at the target distance) 0 dBsm @ 15km (total RCS)
-20 dBsm (HRRP, 2D imaging)
Pulse Operation
Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF) Up to 12.5 MHz
Pulse Width 0.8 μs – 400 μs
PRT ≥80 μs
A/D Sampling Rate 250 MSPS
RCS Samples ~8000 per second
Up to 5-7 million per ship turn