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Grand Opening of IDS Korea

IDS Ingegneria Dei Sistemi has opened a new international subsidiary, IDS Korea Ltd. in Daejeon in the Republic of Korea.

The occasion was marked by a grand opening ceremony at the new IDS Korea offices in Daejeon’s Techno Park, which was attended by His Excellency the Ambassador of Italy, Marco della Seta, Ms. Ju So Young, from MOTIE, the Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and Park Jong Kuk from Daejeon City Hall as well as the President and CEO of IDS in Italy, Giovanni Bardelli and the CEO of IDS Korea, Jae Hwan Kim. In his speech to the ceremony the Ambassador of Italy congratulated IDS for choosing to open a subsidiary in Korea, stating “Today I am also proud, as a new Italian company has set foot in Korea. And I am proud because this company is IDS Ingegneria Dei Sistemi, which represents a perfect example of the best Italian entrepreneurship and capacity to innovate.”

IDS Korea has been opened as part of IDS’s commitment to the Korean market, especially in regards to IDS’s partnerships with the Korean defense industry and the many programs which have been devised for the coming few years: from helicopters to fighters and from unmanned systems to navy programs. This was exemplified by the presence at the opening of representatives from some of Korea’s leading defense companies with whom IDS has built up strong business relations over the last decade.

Daejeon was chosen as the home for IDS Korea because of its status as the main hub of science and technology in Korea due to its futuristic R&D centers, prestigious universities and high-tech companies, as well as for its central location within Korea and its role as Korea’s transportation, distribution and industrial hub.

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