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A configurable, state of the art, ground-based aircraft tracking system for ADS-B out applications

airDome is an ADS-B air traffic surveillance system that assists with air traffic management by supplementing radar coverage and providing better quality air traffic services (ATS). It is a cost effective and efficient surveillance solution when radar coverage is limited or non-existent (gap filling) for en-route and terminal airspaces as well as in an airport environment.

It is composed of antennas, receivers and a visualization system. A range of antennas is available to best meet installation needs and several antenna patterns can also be tailored according to operational requirements.


Multiple receivers can be connected to the airDome network, both to provide redundancy and to extend the area covered, especially in low altitude airspaces and remote areas. The receiver architecture can be configured to match requirements, ranging from a fully redundant, remotely controlled solution with an embedded self-diagnostic system to a basic, standalone receiver.


Coverage in remote areas
A low cost aircraft surveillance solution in remote areas
Supplement radar coverage
Improves ATS services by supplementing radar coverage, especially in high traffic areas
Fill radar gaps
Offers an effective alternative in areas with no radar coverage


Air Traffic Control (ATC) services require up to date information on the identity and position of aircraft in their sectors. This is especially important in terminal airspaces where traffic is normally denser. This coverage is normally provided by a network of primary and secondary radars, however this is expensive and in some areas radar coverage can be limited or non-existent. Automatic Dependent Surveillance –Broadcast (ADS-B) is a system where aircraft use satellite location and then periodically broadcast data such as their identification, current position, altitude and velocity. ADS-B Ground stations can therefore pick up these signals and provide the data to ATC, supplementing any radar coverage and providing ATC with additional information on the location of aircraft.

airDome - Main Benefits

Reduction in costs: the ADS-B network can be installed in place of secondary radars

Low infrastructure requirements and ease of installation: the ADS-B compact antenna can be installed virtually anywhere as there are no radiated fields

Full remote control including remote software update

No risk installation: the IDS EMACS framework is used to predict system coverage as a function of antenna position, therefore installation can be optimized for the best performance

Scalability: receivers are connected in a network and can be added or moved according to requirements. Multiple display units can similarly be added as needed

Low maintenance and lifecycle cost


  • Advanced CWP-like display unit;
  • Wide range of antennas: compact solutions for local area control, high gain collinear antennas for wide FIR, sectorial antenna arrays for surveillance in areas with dense air traffic
  • Fully configurable receivers: the option to have one or more receivers in a single unit allows scalability, redundancy and the ability to connect to sectorial antennas for high traffic surveillance
  • Processing of DO-260/A/B Mode S ES messages
  • ASTERIX CAT021/CAT023 report generation
  • Ability to also detect and decode mode C and S transponders
  • Centralized data processing in case of multiple ground stations
  • Full remote control
  • Full remote diagnostics and software updates
  • Up to 150 aircraft per second per receiver
  • High immunity to interference

airDome is a scalable and modular system which can quickly be reconfigured with optional receivers, antennas and display units to suit specific requirements or constraints. The basic version is composed of 1 antenna and 1 receiver. A display unit is recommended but is optional.

Basic Version
Antenna Collinear, omnidirectional, 7 dB gain with embedded LNA and obstruction light
  • 10 dB collinear, Upward or downward tilted beam
  • Whip
  • 10 or 12 dB Sectorial
  • Array of 4 sectorial antennas
Receiver Local control, ADS-B only Power Supply 220 Vac or SLA Battery 24VDC 100 Ah
  • Remote control and diagnostics
  • Mode C and S transponder detection
  • VDL-4 re-configurability
  • Wireless data link
Display Unit
  • Aircraft position
  • Aircraft identification
  • Velocity vector
  • Halo
  • Distance evaluation
  • Past positions
  • Possibility to import and display airspaces, routes and procedures
  • Received signal control
  • Display of 3D coverage area
  • Identifies aircraft close to coverage boundary
  • Processing unit for data fusion from different sources
  • Remote receiver control and diagnostics
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