Experience the Advantages of Unmanned Flight IDS’s professional unmanned aerial systems are built to a very high standard and can be used to provide better and more economical results in a variety of roles, from search and rescue to the monitoring and inspection of infrastructure, from surveillance and patrolling to mapping and photogrammetry. Optimize Your Electromagnetic Performance IDS provides engineering tools, support, measurement systems and advice on optimizing the electromagnetic performance of complex naval, aeronautical and space platforms. This includes electromagnetic compatibility, antenna systems performance evaluation and the reduction and control of radar and infrared signatures. Ensure Your Safety and Protection In all walks of life, whether travelling by train, holding a public event or conducting a military operation in the field, safety and protection are always of high importance. IDS offer a range of radar-based and passive protection systems to provide increased levels of safety in a variety of scenarios. High Speed Communication
Wherever You Are
Today’s world is reliant on communication, whether it be watching videos online, sending large amounts of data or simply keeping up with acquaintances via social media. IDS has developed a range of VSAT satellite terminals which provide high bandwidth access wherever you are, on an offshore rig, a boat, train or even a plane.