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Radar & Infrared Signature Management

To successfully complete their missions, modern military aircraft increasingly rely on staying undetected for as long as possible and to detect their targets before they themselves are detected. When detected it is important that an aircraft presents as small a target as possible to make target identification harder and to increase the effectiveness of countermeasures.

The primary means of avoiding detection is to try and appear invisible by reducing the aircraft’s radar (RCS) and infrared (IR) signatures. This can be achieved by considering an aircraft’s RCS and IR signatures during the design process, by adjusting the aircraft’s geometry and by using materials that help to reduce these signatures.

These stealth features help to increase the chances that an aircraft will be able to successfully complete its mission and to increase the survivability of the aircraft and the safety of its crew.

IDS provides customers with a wide range of consulting services covering radar signature assessment and reduction of platforms and components (antennas, details, intakes, …), radar imaging and main scattering centers evaluation, FSS analysis and design, jet engine modulation analysis, scenario simulation and operational performance evaluation, IR signature assessment and reduction, IR imaging, thermal analysis, materials measurement and EM characterization, RCS measurement of static targets, SAR/ISAR imaging, RCS measurement of flying targets and jet engine modulation measurement.

To respond to the specific requirements of the aeronautical industry, IDS provides VIRAF, a prediction software framework for aeronautical RCS/IR analysis and reduction, RCSMS, a system for the RCS measurement of platforms and components, and FARAD, a system for the RCS measurement of aircraft flying in an operational environment.