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About the Aeronautical Division

IDS’s Aeronautical Division has been providing professional commercial solutions, consultancy and engineering services to the aeronautical industry worldwide for more than 30 years. We leverage our engineering expertise in solving complex situations and providing design solutions that support every stage of an aeronautical project, aimed at maximising aircraft crew safety and mission performance.

Solutions and consultancy services for civil and defense markets.

The Aeronautical Division provides solutions and consultancy services to civil and military industries, ministries of defense and the interior, research centers and universities.

Electromagnetic Engineering

The IDS Aeronautical Division has acquired extensive experience, knowledge and capabilities in managing electromagnetic design and the optimization of aeronautical platforms, covering the frequency spectrum from the quasi static band up to microwaves, as well as performing electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and interference (EMI) assessment, antenna systems performance evaluation, and radar and infrared signature reduction and control. The focus is on optimizing an aeronautical platform's electromagnetic design, hence maximizing the probability that the platform can successfully carry out its operational missions.

The Aeronautical Division can also provide this design capability as a complete bespoke solution (software products, measurement systems and know-how transfer), along with installation, training and advanced technical support, allowing customers to independently perform electromagnetic design.

Avionics Solutions

The Aeronautical Division provides consultancy services on the design of Flight Control Systems and Avionic Solutions as well as the design and development of certifiable onboard software such as Digital Moving Map, 3D Synthetic Vision System and Terrain Awareness and Warning System.

Following from this experience IDS has developed Horus, a product which integrates tactical moving map software with cutting-edge EO/IR turrets in a state-of-the-art hardware solution.

Research & Development at the heart of the Division.

The IDS Laboratories' research lies at the heart of the IDS Aeronautical Division, providing proven working methods and successful team structures resulting from years of engineering experience and know-how in analyzing and meeting customer requirements as cost effectively as possible.

Collaboration with worldwide universities allows IDS to develop and maintain state of the art design tools.

In 2004, IDS was awarded AIDA financing aimed at developing an integrated design framework for electromagnetic design focused on stealth technology. In 2007, IDS received TESTER financing, as an extension of the AIDA capabilities, for indoor/outdoor RCS measurement facilities. In 2010, IDS received ATENS financing aimed at developing the capability to design low signature antennas for stealth platforms. Currently, IDS is involved in an R&D project aimed at developing a demonstrator platform with autonomous flight, take-off and landing which will be launched on the market in 2013.

Experts in advanced solutions.

IDS expertise and successful partnerships make us a key partner for the international aeronautical industry.

In 2006, IDS joined Agusta Westland in the Sistemi Dinamici venture, which focused on enhancing helicopter design and operations.

In the same year, IDS started a collaboration with Alenia Aermacchi for the development of a low observable version of the M-346 jet aircraft.

These partnerships have helped to build the Division’s experience, knowledge and capabilities for the design, optimization and validation of aeronautical processes.