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Agridronevision Project: advanced research in smart agriculture

IDS - Agridronevision Project

The AgridroneVision project focused on the creation and development of an integrated and intelligent system for innovative and high-knowledge applications in the smart agriculture sector. The system consists of a remotely piloted aircraft component equipped with multisensory instrumentation for proximal sensing, a ground control station and an innovative terrestrial drone, in addition to a series of sensors for monitoring the main microclimatic parameters.

The main activities of the project were the construction of the following integrated subsystems:

  • Drone system: an aircraft component and a terrestrial drone were developed; these are remotely piloted, equipped with multisensory instrumentation dedicated to proximal sensing and mechanical actuators.
  • Monitoring system: the system consists of a ground control station and specific command, data fusion and decision-making software.
  • Sensor system: commercial sensors were analyzed and innovative sensors were developed for monitoring the main microclimatic parameters.

The project consortium was led by SeTel Srl, and consisted of IDS, Tuscia University – Department for Innovation in Biological, Agrifood and Forest System, CNR Institute for Microelectronics and Microsystems – IMM Rome and Link Campus University.

The AgridroneVision project started on January 18th 2018 and lasted 18 months, was co-funded as part of the framework of the Lazio Region POR-FESR 2014/2020 in the “LIFE 2020” Public Notice approved with Lazio Region Decree no. G08726 dated 29 July 2016.

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