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DIMDEX: Join us at the Fincantieri booth

Join us in the vibrant city of Doha for an exclusive look at IDS’s latest maritime and defence technologies at the DIMDEX Doha International Maritime Defence Exhibition & Conference 2024. Visit Fincantieri booth (H5-111B) from March 4th to 6th to explore the forefront of naval innovation.

Discover the SAND, our pioneering unmanned naval drone platform. SAND, launched in early 2019 under a joint project between IDS, Effebi and Meccano Engineering, is a reconfigurable multirole unmanned surface vehicle that can be used for a variety of missions, from Search and Rescue to environmental monitoring and maritime security. SAND has been developed primarily aiming to address recursive or dangerous operational scenarios where the employment of personnel can be safely and effectively replaced by use of unmanned and autonomous vessels.

Over the last year, a Launch & Recovery System (LARS) capable to deploy the unmanned underwater vehicles’ that can provide naval mine warfare, anti-submarine warfare and critical seabed infrastructure protection capabilities was integrated on SAND.

The SAND, acting as a communication gateway, allows the capability, through the Fincantieri NexTech’s UMS, to manage a coordinated team of unmanned systems of different types (air, surface, and submarine) from virtual ship ashore or from real warships like the Italian FREMM.

Step into a transformative era of maritime innovation at DIMDEX, where our dedication to advancement is shaping the future of underwater, maritime, and defence sectors, ensuring enhanced global safety and security.